Month: September 2021

The nine best Xbox 360 games of 2007

With a one-year lead on Wii and PS3, the Xbox 360 ended up having a much better selection of games available. It was a wild year for Xbox 360 with many big name titles and exclusive titles. Like any year, disappointments spread everywhere. In addition to the Guitar Hero and Rock Band guarantee, this list […]

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A Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver Can Help You Open a New Career

Yoga Teacher Training The very first step in getting a Yoga teacher certification is to get approved by the local Board of Certification. Once you get this, you will be able to set up classes in your area and get your teaching license. These teachers will be well trained and will know how to instruct […]

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Why should baseball bench the 2020 season?

I love baseball. It has been a huge part of my life for almost six decades. Growing up in St. Louis, you learn the words to get me to the ball game at a young age. You grow up with your own family and, at the same time, with a second called Cardinal Nation. As […]

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Buying Modafinil Online Or Offline

Modafinil Online Are you thinking of buying modafinil online? You have to know the basic principle to buy modafinil online and get some desired results from it. In essence, buying modafinil online is more like purchasing prescription drugs from your neighborhood pharmacy. On the Internet you will find hundreds of websites selling different kinds of […]

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3 foods to avoid during constipation

Most people defecate every day or every other day, depending on their diet and lifestyle. Constipation is having trouble emptying your intestines for more than 3-4 days, or having extremely hard stools that cause pain when you try to expel them from your body. You should eat foods that soften your stool to relieve constipation. […]

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Use of drones in the marine and nautical environment

Introduction: Modern drones are incredible machines that are capable of doing incredible things in the marine and navigational environment. They can be used to spot schools of fish, locate a mooring or open area in a marina to drop anchor, locate an assigned jetty, preview a pristine beach or island, locate items or people who […]

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The principles of design for kitchens and bathrooms

Good design is defined as the unity of design and a timeless appearance. But to achieve unity and a timeless appearance, all design principles must be taken into account. Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is much more than selecting accessories and painting the walls. A good remodel will have a well thought out design concept […]

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A secret underground city in the Andes?

It has been said that a secret high-tech city exists in a remote jungle crater in South America. If so, who could be the scientists running this James Bond-type super fortress? The story begins with the great Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1973), a former student of Nikola Tesla. Marconi studied the theory of radio transmission […]

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Define excellence in leadership? The six most important words for a leader

When defining excellence in leadership, who better to turn to for passionate yet concise advice than Tom Peters? “The definition of excellence in leadership is the person who is completely at your disposal.” Peters asks you to imagine having waited six months for that meeting with Mr. / Mrs. Big. You finally walk into the […]

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