Day: June 18, 2022


Buying a digital camera: what matters

Cameras have been a part of our lives since 1685 when they were first invented. They have been used to record and store images and various changes have been made with technological advances. The original film cameras used photographic film as the recording surface onto which images were projected. Digital cameras were invented in 1975 […]

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Digital Marketing

Only pen and paper can do more for your content creation

A few years ago, a friend of mine looked at my calculator (a high school grade one) and commented: “You know, Albert, that calculator in your hand is more powerful than the computer that put the first man on the moon.” I was close to dumbfounded. I had barely raised my grades higher than my […]

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How to keep your home safe for children

Parenting is difficult. Parents have to develop a set of skills to better raise their children. As difficult as it is, parenting is actually a wonderful and rewarding journey in the end. As parents, there are many things to consider when raising a child. In addition to providing food, shelter, and clothing, one of a […]

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Health Fitness

10 ways to burn an extra 300 calories a day

Do you want to lose extra pounds by burning calories but hate diet food and strenuous exercise? Listed below are the easiest ways to burn an extra 300 calories during the day. 1. Dance: Join an aerobics class near you or just tune into a workout playlist on your favorite music app and do a […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

Top 4 Travel Items for a Cheap Hotel Stay

So your house is worth half what it was last year, you’re worried about your job, and your 401K is tanking, but you still need to take a vacation or you’re going to go crazy. You got a great deal on airline tickets and you can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun on […]

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Pets are a big responsibility, but they help keep you healthy and happy.

Pets need regular meals, a supply of fresh water, and constant grooming. Depending on the type of pet you have, they may even need a constant supply of mice, frequent walks, or regular daily changes to their cages. Pet care is similar to raising a child, but children are eager to enjoy their freedom when […]

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Real Estate

The risk/reward of buying investment real estate

Like, almost everything else, in life, buying and owning investment real estate, must be considered, at a risk/ base/scale reward! While many have earned their fortunes or supplemented their income, purchasing these types of properties is not true for everyone! There are many possibilities, both positive and negative, and a smart buyer/investor recognizes, understands and […]

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Shopping Product Reviews

PS3 vs. Xbox 360

When you are asked to compare between PS3 and Xbox 360, you will have a hard time deciding which is better because they are both wildly popular. Even game lovers find it difficult to compare the two. Sony Computer Entertainment released the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) in 2006, a seventh generation video game console, followed […]

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Tours Travel

Airy, North Carolina: Mayberry Redux

The bronze statue stands in a well-landscaped gazebo adjacent to the Andy Griffith Playhouse. Sheriff Andy Taylor holds his Opie’s hand, with fishing rods slung across his shoulders. I can imagine the end credits of The Andy Griffith Show: Andy & Opie walking down a country lane with their canes, the energetic theme song whistled […]

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Racing Games: How They Took Me To My Childhood And Back

Super Mario he had been my constant companion when I turned 8. I remember the times when I pestered my father to let me stay up late at night just to find a way to save the princess. He would try to practice my jumps, boost my runs, and even go to great lengths to […]

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