Day: June 25, 2022


What is your post-coronavirus counterattack?

The Chinese word for Crisis is made up of two characters that mean Danger and Opportunity. The 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has ushered us into a new and unknown future; the new normal. What will you choose: Danger or Opportunity? What is your post Coronavirus Countermove? The time to Reboot and Prepare your organization is […]

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Digital Marketing

Content marketing is the new article marketing

What is happening with article marketing? I think it’s just as powerful as it used to be, but now it’s part of a much larger dynamic that we call content marketing. You see, when I started article marketing, I could completely dominate Google just by doing it. It would provide the content Google wanted, it […]

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Making the Decision to Build an MLM Business in Asia

This morning as I was setting up my computer to do my Zoom meeting, I was feeling a little weird because my work desk is my bed. Why am I having a Zoom meeting in my bed? The reason is because it’s Monday morning and both of my daughters have their online classes at the […]

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One Civilization – African and Arab

From the beginning of the pre-Aksum period (during the early part of the first millennium BC), the city of Aksum (or Axum) became the central focus of a commercial civilization that grew to combine elements of Semitic (Southern) culture. of Arabia) with an indigenous African economy, which originally may have had similarities to more recent […]

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Health Fitness

The great protein debate

Are high or low protein diets superior? How much protein does one need? Is animal protein necessary in the diet? The following are observations based on working with many clients over the last two decades. What is protein? Proteins are substances made up of smaller chemicals called amino acids. Amino acids are compounds that have […]

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Legal Law

NY Times Series on Workers Compensation Neglects the Other Victim

The NY Times published a series of articles that paint a bleak picture of Workers’ Compensation fraud and abuse in New York State: everything from exaggerated medical reports of minor back pain to seriously injured workers stuck for months. in a Kafkaesque nightmare of delays. . Many injured workers eventually give up fighting and are […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

How to Make a Woman Have an Orgasm – The Secrets to Give Her Immense Pleasure

Do you want to know how to make a woman have an orgasm? Men focus a lot on their sexual techniques and sexual positions, but they forget that women do not reach orgasm in the same way as men. To give a woman the greatest orgasm of all time, you have to tease her and […]

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Natural Treatment for Giardia

Giardia It is a protozoan parasite found in lakes, streams, ditches, and other outdoor water sources. The parasite is expelled by wild animals high up in the basin, and as the water descends, it becomes further contaminated by other animals living nearby. Any dog ​​or cat that drinks from a pond, river, or other natural […]

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Real Estate

Americans don’t support innovative developments: the key to the survival of sustainable real estate

Perhaps the key component behind America’s great economic achievements is the entrepreneur. For example, Henry Ford helped the US dominate the global auto industry for decades, and Bill Gates helped it dominate the software market. Investors in Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter secured dominance in social networks. While these success stories are well known, the […]

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Shopping Product Reviews

HTC Incredible S review

In this HTC Incredible S smartphone review, the smartphone under the spotlight is HTC Incredible S. Although, judging by the name, you may think that it is a simple update of the HTC Incredible, think again. This phone is a powerhouse of its own and this HTC phone review will tell you why. The HTC […]

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