Month: January 2023

Arts Entertainments

7 Emotional Blocks to Your Exercise Motivation

Most of us have been through a time where we had a lot of good intentions with a corresponding decline in action. Maybe you promised yourself to go for a run every morning, got off to a great start, and then by week three suddenly found yourself too busy at work, slept in late, or […]

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Medical coding statistics and how it helps in improving public health

Medical coding is like translation. The people behind medical coding take medical reports and turn them into a set of codes. In a medical claim, these codes play a big role. In this article, we’re going to take a look at medical coding and the relevant statistics. Keep reading to know more. The reason for […]

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Relational selling: buy and buy

By understanding the appointment process, you can better understand the sales process and why some salespeople have such repeat business that they never have to cold call. We’ll see. These are the typical steps in the dating process. -First meeting or presentation -Second meeting -Get to know each other -First date, social meeting. -Second date […]

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Home Kitchen

Home accessories leave lasting impressions

Does a contemporary interior mean adding fewer accessories? The answer is absolutely not. Contemporary style of sprucing up the place doesn’t mean throwing out all the beautiful pieces of art. All it takes is a wise thought on how an individual should use them. People have been found who invest huge amounts in hiring interior […]

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Digital Marketing

Solving Problems Using the Lotus Flower Brainstorming Technique

Lotus Blossom is a powerful technique for brainstorming and organizing your ideas. The beginning is very elegant. You start with one idea and expand it into various themes by placing them around the original idea. This organization will give you a balanced view of your ideas and your relationships. Each of the subtopics can be […]

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Health Fitness

The Trans Fat Time Bomb

What do you know about industrially produced trans fatty acids? Unless you are actually a nutritionist or a doctor, the answer is most likely: nothing at all. And why should you? A survey from a few years ago found that of the sample surveyed, 15 percent thought trans fats were good for their love lives. […]

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Legal Law

Congress seeks to avoid eurozone fights and damage to US sterling’s credit rating.

This week, President Obama urged Congress to compromise on the so-called debt ceiling, the legal ceiling for federal debt, and to agree to a new budget that would balance America’s books. Political pundits and politicians have prophesied that any prolonged bipartisan stalemate would plunge the United States into a new economic crisis. It appears that […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

Unique and Fun Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is known for its business prowess as the second-largest financial center in the United States (second to New York City), but even for the avid traveler, you’re spoiled for choice for much-needed rest and relaxation. Charlotte has unique attractions not found in any other state including the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the United […]

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Real Estate

But I can’t afford to pay the sales tax!

As a tax professional serving retailers, I often hear the phrase “but I can’t pay the sales tax.” These retailers fall into the trap of thinking that the sales tax they collect on their product or service belongs to them. Unfortunately, that is not the case and failure to pay the full amount of taxes […]

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Shopping Product Reviews

Cheap Phones – Buying Gadgets is Easy

When many players enter the field, competition is inevitable. To win this kind of competition, manufacturers, distributors and dealers offer mobile phones at a cheap price as the consumer can easily buy them. Possibly, they offer gifts such as LCD TV, DVD player, game console, laptop or something else. In fact, they all offer freebies […]

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