Day: May 24, 2023


Business Finance: Do you need a lot of capital to start your business?

I was having this conversation with a fellow business trainer yesterday. She deals with many business owners, especially those just starting out and those experiencing rapid growth. She had been doing some research and an article she read suggested that one of the main reasons businesses fail is lack of capital. This got me thinking […]

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Legal Law

Complaint Counseling: Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Complaints

First of all, my heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one. Professional grievance counseling is not for everyone and there are other ways you can remove the painful grievance feelings you feel inside. There is also the “stigma” associated with grievance counseling or any type of counselling. The idea or […]

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Tours Travel

Arthritis: start the healing process

The first western disease I was familiar with as a child was arthritis. My dear paternal grandmother, Bertha Cooper, suffered from this pathology for many years. She had it very bad in her wrists and joints. I remember she asked me if she would go to the corner liquor store at the corner of 101st […]

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Real Estate

An Unusual Way to Get Rich: Build a Small Business Empire at the Flea Market with Wholesale Goods

FACT: Many people make $1,000 a day (that’s $104,000 a year) just selling at flea markets and swap meets on the weekends. (In fact, I’ve earned more than that some days.) Most people think that we’re just a bunch of poor people trying to earn an extra buck, and that’s exactly what we want them […]

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Covert Influence: The Covert Magic Button to Influence People and Yourself

Do you want to know a powerful tool of covert influence that allows you to obtain what you want, through your own actions or unconsciously ordering others to give it to you? You don’t need a magician or a hypnotist to do it. Even an ordinary individual has the ability to achieve this covert technical […]

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Home Kitchen

What is the difference between luminous and fluorescent paints?

luminous painting This is a special paint that comes in a light green color. Once on the surface with the special base coat, the paint ‘charges’ when light is available. When the lights fail, for example in a power outage, the surface will glow in the dark for a limited time, which could help people […]

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Shopping Product Reviews

Grow your business with digital marketing strategy

Whether you’re relaunching a product, starting a business, or strategizing a new digital marketing plan for the coming year, understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing is essential to your success. For small business marketers, individual marketers, or those working for a large corporate team, digital marketing tactics will help the right people find your organization […]

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