Day: May 25, 2023


What are other ways to use a wooden toy chest?

1. I currently use my wooden toy chest as shoe storage at my doorstep. My toddlers will search the shoes and find the matching pair. They will then close the lid of the toy chest and sit on it to start putting on their shoes. 2. You can put away your bed pillows right before […]

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Legal Law

Numbers and the Bible

For those in the West who question numerology and its veracity, particularly those within the realm of Christianity, one simply has to look to the Bible for corroborating support. The Bible is a living testimony to the ancient science of numerology, a science that actually predates Christianity. The Bible is possibly the richest study that […]

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Health Fitness

How to burn body fat

Today, almost everyone has their own diet. Tragically, they are basing their diet on myths about how to burn body fat. Instead of losing weight, they end up gaining more. To make sure you don’t fall into this group, you need to know what these myths are. Without further ado, here are the three biggest […]

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Home Kitchen

How strong is granite?

There are many different and often overlooked aspects to consider when purchasing stone to install in your home, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or patio. People can get careless when it comes to topics like scratch resistance, stain resistance, resistance to water damage, and density (the stone’s ability to resist nicks, chips, […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

Can the PH Miracle Diet Prevent Parasites in the Body?

When you follow the pH Miracle Diet, your body will soon be able to restore its natural balance. Eating too many acidic foods can be detrimental to your health, so the alkaline foods in the pH Miracle Diet provide nutrition that can restore cells to their normal state of alkalinity. These foods can also help […]

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Shopping Product Reviews

5 Lesson Planning Tips on How to Successfully Use Technology in Your Classroom

The signs of the technological revolution are everywhere: children with their cell phones and iPods; teachers with their laptops, digital presentations and parents and teachers and children with their blackberries. The possibilities, of course, are endless… As teachers working in the digital age, we also need to think a bit more digitally, both in the […]

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