Day: July 25, 2023

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A spirituality of mourning

“Mourning is love that does not want to let go.” Earl A. Grollman in live with loss When pain hits your heart and you no longer see a way, or lose your orientation or the ability to read the compass, your entire being is affected. Much has been written about the emotional and physical aspects […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

Quit Smoking Aids – The 4D’s – Slow Down, Take a Deep Breath, Drink Water and Do Something Else

Have you been fighting a battle against smoking but can’t seem to win? Have you spent your hard-earned money on various treatments and medications that have convinced smokers like you that they are 100% effective but don’t seem to have as much of an effect? That’s because you can’t really quit smoking if you just […]

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Halloween costume ideas: 25 homemade costumes to make

Halloween costumes are fun to create. You can find many items to wear with your Halloween costume in your own home or at your area thrift store. Creating costumes can be inexpensive and a lot of fun to make and wear. You’ll find that some of these will even work as last minute Halloween costume […]

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Digital Marketing

7 easy steps to optimize your website for voice search

If you want to optimize your website for the newer type of search, which is based on voice, you need to know a few steps to do it. Voice search is becoming more and more popular all over the world, so every website needs to be optimized for it. If not, you’ll miss out on […]

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Tours Travel

What is copyright knowledge?

There is no standard definition for “Copyright Awareness”. However, some critics have argued that consciousness can only be defined in light of what is manifested in all forms of perception, knowledge, and consciousness. In each expression, consciousness is revealed as the ability to perceive (perception), to know (knowledge), or the state of being conscious (awareness). […]

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Competitive Rodeo: What’s the Best Music for Rodeo Riding?

Competitive rodeo requires a certain type of person. You must be fearless, have a death wish and have an affinity for danger, oh, and be an adrenaline junkie. Yes, there are other personal traits you probably need, and it helps to have a conflicting personality when it comes to animals. In fact, it helps to […]

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Real Estate

Find cheap single family homes

As an investor, especially a real estate investor, you want to get a property that will give you the highest cash flow and ROI (return on investment) possible. Some investors opt for apartment complexes, while others opt for single-family homes. If you are the type who is new to the sand and wants to get […]

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