Brad Meltzer’s Escapist

Question: What do you get when you combine an undertaker with high-level security access, a presumed dead military artist, and Harry Houdini? Answer: Brad Meltzer’s New Novel
The escape artist.

Many top-selling and best-selling authors have weighed in, giving The Escape Artist high marks. I noticed that they seemed to focus on Nola as the star. While it is obvious that Nola will be the central character in this new series, in my opinion, Zig was furious this time. Don’t get me wrong, I found Nola interesting, if a bit predictable. I can definitely see her shed the GI Jane facade and let readers get to know her in future novels.

Zig is a military undertaker. He is stationed on a top-secret base, with high-level security clearance, and takes his responsibility to the fallen and their families very seriously. Work a special type of funeral magic to rebuild, rebuild, and hide horrific and catastrophic wounds. He knows very well how difficult it is to find closure when you lose a loved one. It’s this personal loss, the lingering grief that Zig carries that makes him such a character that he can relate to every day.

When a plane crashes shortly after taking off from a top-secret base and one of the dead has been misidentified three times, Zig knows that something much, much greater is at stake. Meet Nola. Years ago, she saved Zig’s daughter from certain death during a fire at Girl Scout camp. Nola had scars that day and the body in front of her didn’t have those scars. He knows two things for sure, Nola is not dead and many of the higher ups are doing their best to convince the world that she is. The question is why?

What follows is a fast-paced novel, all Meltzer to the end. In addition to writing best sellers, Brad Meltzer is known for chasing down historical stories and finding lost treasures. His ability to weave a nod to a story from long ago into an action-packed suspense thriller is unmatched. You won’t find another book on the shelf like this one. The Escape Artist grabs your attention, keeps you turning the pages, and is a great introduction to a new series. If you are looking for a realistic docu-drama type reading, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a book that entertains you for a few hours and leaves you wanting to go further with the characters, you will enjoy The Escape Artist.

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