Count calories while having sex

By having sex for about half an hour, classic sex burns as many calories as a regular pizza contains. If you ate a hamburger or a pack of fries, it takes 53 minutes of French kissing to burn it off. For men, to lose eight calories, you can try removing your partner’s bra with both hands, if you do it with one hand, it will take 18 calories.

But is it only time sex that makes you lose 200-600 calories? Scientists have discovered that play and petting can also be intense. An all-consuming passion in bed will positively influence your figure. For example, 120 to 300 calories can be expended while cuddling with a partner—it’s like running a 10-minute brisk pace on a treadmill. Preliminary caresses with a partner serve as a warm-up before carrying out heavy loads, the same happens when doing physical exercises. In sex, as in sports, before receiving a certain load, the body is in a state of positive stress. In this state, the effect of metabolic processes responsible for bodily functions improves health. Having learned about how many calories we will spend when making love, I want to find out in more detail about the sensations and loads on our body.

When having sexual intercourse, we will feel how the frequency of breathing and heart rate will increase. You and your partner will take about 30 breaths per minute and your heart rate will increase to 120 beats.

Upon reaching orgasm, these indicators will rise, for example, you can compare these indicators with sprinters who ran 100 meters. Heartbeat 180 times per minute at the same time a person will take 40 breaths and exhalations. On average, energy consumption per day will be 1500-2500 calories. Upon orgasm, the cost will be equal to 400 calories, unfortunately, this effect is fleeting, it is impossible to hope that it will be the only source of weight loss.

Full intercourse with an active posture will be equal to sports training. The result is only possible when you have an orgasm. There are three principles by which the result can be achieved.

engraved bodysuit

Sexual intercourse not only contributes to weight loss, but also makes the muscles of the body stand out. The fact is that during intercourse, our body secretes the hormone testosterone, it is he who plays one of the main roles in the process of building muscle tissue.

Having active sex every day for a long time, a beautiful relief, you will lose weight. To achieve similar weight loss results with the help of sports, you will need to visit the gym for a month and train intensively.

good metabolism

When making love, an adrenal hormone called cortisone is produced. Such active work is associated with a increased heart rate from 70 to 200 beats per minute and doubling of respiration. Cortisone is able to instantly restore metabolic processes in the body and create a correct metabolism. The heartbeat is accelerated by the adrenaline rush, which forces the body to actively spend its energy resources. They decrease blood sugar levels and adipose tissue. To get the same results, you can run about a mile at top speed.

The beauty hormone

With constant sexual intercourse, the hormonal background of the body is stabilized, including the beauty hormone. This hormone is responsible for nails, skin, hair, the well-being of the human body also improves, he feels a surge of vigor and becomes more active.

When playing sports, not everything looks so rosy, since intense training forces the body to give all its strength, after which a person feels exhausted. Emotional instability rarely occurs. Having sex replaces sports like swimming, playing basketball or soccer, or running.. However, such activities as gymnastics, figure skating, playing tennis are not replaceable by sex.

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