Do you struggle to gain weight?


The most important key to packing on muscle for those of you struggling to gain weight is nutrition. People sometimes tend to shy away from this aspect because it is difficult, but very necessary. The first thing to do if you’re a tough gainer is to start tracking everything you eat to see where you stand. I find smartphone apps to be the easiest and most efficient way to track my food, but do what works best for you. Once you have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat, take a look at the total calories and protein you consume on a daily basis. If you’re trying to gain muscle and have a fast metabolism, you should be getting at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Ideally, you should also be getting a healthy balance of fats and carbohydrates. Between 30 and 40 percent of your calories should come from protein, and the rest can be divided between carbohydrates and fat. For example, I aim for a 35% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 25% fat diet. Although you should eat healthy, you should still eat a ton if you’re a tough winner. If you’re exercising most days, you should consume about 1,000 calories above your base caloric intake to start. However, you’ll want to tailor this based on how your body responds. So once you’re in a large caloric surplus and eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight in healthy foods, you’re well on your way to growing.

The Right Supplements Can Help You

I would like to emphasize first if you don’t want to spend the money or are against using supplements for any reason, that’s fine, they are not required for weight gain. That said, they are quite useful, especially when you are trying to increase your protein intake and gain weight. I previously talked about mass gainers and how they are mostly empty calories and I’m sticking with it. Mass gainers are essentially just protein powders packed with a bunch of extra empty calories. I would recommend taking a simple whey protein shake to help add healthy extra calories and protein. You’ll be better off and save money if you drink a protein shake or two and eat healthier foods instead of using mass gainers. One trick I used when I was initially trying to gain weight, and still use today from time to time, is to drink a protein shake before bed. This is a great way to add a few extra calories and help fuel overnight muscle growth.

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