Five Benefits of Using Kong Dog Toys

Possibly the best known dog toys in the world are the Kong dog toys. The classic design of the Kong toy is in the form of three large rubber rings glued on top of each other. The toys also come in several variations for dogs of different ages and sizes. Made of rubber, they are hollow in the middle and can be filled with healthy treats for your dog.

Kong dog toys are suitable for every stage of your dog’s development. There are four sizes, pink or blue for puppies, red for average chewers, purple for seniors, and black for tough chewers. In addition to the typical Kongs, there are other types of dental chews, balls, toss toys, Frisbees, and various interactive toys and accessories. As dog owners, we don’t want unwanted chewing behavior, but chewing is a natural behavior that plays a vital role in your dog’s physical development. It’s important that every dog ​​is taught what items are acceptable to chew on, so teach him in a positive and fun way by using these amazing toys.

1. Separation Anxiety: These toys are fun and keep your dog busy and interested. Give your dog his Kong dog toy filled with healthy treats so that he has something to do when you have to go out or want to continue with your daily tasks. Think of Kong toys as a fun/educational project to keep you busy.

2. Training aid – its versatility as a behavior and training tool – Give your dog his favorite Kong toy as a treat when he has responded to basic commands. In effect, ending the training with a game with your favorite toy filled with healthy treats.

3. Chew – Introduce your favorite treat-stuffed Kong toy and consistently praise it when your dog plays and chews on that instead of your possessions.

4. Teething: Using these toys filled with healthy treats will help ease the pain of teething, these toys are strong yet durable so they won’t hurt your gums.

5. Fun time – Your dog is a social animal who craves human contact. He uses the Kong toy at play time to “seek” and “find” making playtime fun with his toys.

Be patient with your best friend and constantly try to keep up with his education. Reward their good behavior with healthy treats and continue the interactive play with their Kong toys. Growing/maturing puppies should have longer play periods with their owner, as this is good exercise and helps strengthen the bond between you. At this stage, he may now need larger Kong toys, but using a variety of toys will make playtime more enjoyable.

At 12 months dogs are considered adults. His Kong toys and a variety of other toys can keep him from getting bored or stressed. Vary and rotate your dog’s toys regularly and make only a few toys available at any given time. Enjoy!

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