Five keys to keep weight down during the holidays

How in the world do you do it? After all, this is the time for parties, cookies and candy! And we are in a recession! We need something to comfort our stress! Well, it is true that you can console yourself with food. Enjoy it too! However, the consequences of weight gain and guilt make it a real short-term comfort, and this often leads to binge eating. So what is the secret? Assuming you’re in reasonable health or aware of any health limitations, here are five easy ways to offset weight gain—and maybe even lose some!

1) stop sentence. In the twenty years that I have been in the health and wellness industry, I have seen this as a huge problem for many people. The truth is, the more you condemn yourself for eating that treat, the more likely you are to become self-defeating and give up. Then you make it your “New Year’s Resolution” to lose weight, and we know how long they tend to last. Also, if you deny yourself that delicious and oh so tempting treat, you will subconsciously try to fill that void and end up eating more calories than if you had eaten the treat in the first place. So how do you fix that? Instead of saying to yourself, “I can’t eat the cookie (or whatever you want), you can say, “It’s okay to have one or just a few.”

two) Responsibility. Whether you want to lose weight or keep it off, there are websites that will help you keep track of your calories. It’s quick and easy: enter basic information about yourself and it will generate the total number of calories you can consume. Many sites will even reward you with an extra calorie allowance for the day if you work out. Another option is to find a friend or friends and hold each other accountable for what you eat. Whichever you choose, remember that if you monitor your intake throughout the day, you may find that you have enough calories left for that ice cream! No more self deprivation! Remember, be good, not perfect!

3) be more physically active. Did I say “training”? No! That word scares a lot of people because they think they can’t fit an exercise routine into their already busy schedule. They may retort with “Where will I find the time? I hate exercise! I’m already stressed out with everything I have to do!” Okay, you don’t have time, or you don’t like going to the gym. The answer is simple: just walk up the steps instead of taking the elevator, park farther from the door to encourage walking, find a friend to walk with you regularly at the mall while you shop, or just walk. . Or clean the house! It’s amazing how many more calories you can afford if you do a little more.

4) Set goals! Remember to set goals that you to know you can dominate. Otherwise, if you fail, it’s much harder to get back up, if at all. Start realistically and celebrate your accomplishments (not necessarily with food!) Slowly work through your successes, record them in a journal (check back when you feel down) and this in itself will motivate you to keep going. Also remember to identify the root problems and triggers of your eating patterns. Stress is often the culprit. Learn to change your thought patterns to positive ones, which leads you to the next point.

5) Access a higher power. In many cases it is very true that we cannot control ourselves. Let’s be honest; “Will Power” only lasts for a while, and we all have our little vices (I’m talking about, for example, candy or chips). But there is a higher power that we can access, a loving power, a power that is FOR us, not AGAINST us, that can help us control ourselves. This is the secret of many who participate in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. They recognize their weaknesses and take advantage of that higher power. Whether it is prayer or meditation, focusing on this power will help you win. It is a moment-to-moment prayer. Not just a diet, a lifestyle, so to speak. you’re worth it Can to earn my friend.

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