How strong is granite?

There are many different and often overlooked aspects to consider when purchasing stone to install in your home, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or patio. People can get careless when it comes to topics like scratch resistance, stain resistance, resistance to water damage, and density (the stone’s ability to resist nicks, chips, and cracks).

All of these things sometimes fade into the background as people become wooed by colour, design and luxury brands. People can still receive quality granite fixtures without the hassle of wear and tear. The density is palpable.

The only material more dense than granite is diamond, and you simply won’t find a diamond countertop on the market, and trust me, I’ve looked for it. In addition to being the toughest surface that contractors regularly install in people’s homes, the variety of colors and finishes doesn’t bother homeowners to simply install a much-repeated look in their home. To combine resistance to scratches, resistance to heat and cold, with appearance and resistance to weight, create a home accessory that lasts until you decide to uninstall it (but why… it lasts a lifetime). ?).

The density of granite is certainly not something people often think about when choosing what type of material to remodel with. In an ideal world, the choice you make should remain virtually unscathed for the duration of your life in your home—well, that’s the hope anyway.

There are countless popular types of countertops that simply don’t provide much resistance against constant wear and tear. Linoleum, wood, and even steel can be easily scratched, stained, and dented. These seemingly meaningless bumps and bruises can turn into ugly pockmarks that last much longer than you’d like (ie forever).

If you’re looking for a granite countertop, be sure to remember its density and strength… oh, and of course, its beauty.

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