How to be a sexual joker and get women to want you intensely

Probably the best way to get into a relationship with a girl and make her fall in love with you would be to make fun of her sexually. Discover the secrets that can enhance any sexual attraction and put them into practice with the girl you want, even if it seems completely out of your reach.

How to sexually tease a girl

First, let’s get a little understanding of the basic facts of life. Although there are several girls out there who will pretend not to enjoy it, all the girls in the world really want and love to be teased.

Note that he wants to tease her to wake up the girl who is still bottled up inside her. Once you do this, you can get rid of whatever ‘barriers’ she put on you and all the other guys who beat her that night.

Also, if you make fun of a girl, you can highlight her flaws and make her feel inadequate around you. You should do this so that he can feel like he needs to “work” just to get your attention, causing him to run after you.

A very effective way to annoy a girl would be to send her mixed signals. For example, when you have a date, tell him that you prefer to remain friends. This will make her wonder why you asked her out in the first place and what she could have done wrong during the course of your date.

However, even after saying that, treat her like she’s a girlfriend. From time to time he plays with his hair or touches his hands. With these “push and pull” tactics, you’ll be way ahead in the dating game.

An advanced “push and pull” tactic is known as division. Known in underground seduction circles as the “killer technique” that gets women to like a man in 15 minutes or less, this tactic consists of two steps. First, you will need to get a woman to talk about past experiences that make her feel happy. You have to make it “revisit” the past experience in the most vivid way possible.

Then switch immediately and talk about SAD experiences. This rapid change will confuse her emotionally, but at the same time it will make her feel like she has experienced a minor soap opera in her life with you. As a result, she will be attracted to you.

The reason why the fractionation formula It works is that it hacks into a woman’s mind and creates some psychological effect on her, which is similar to what you would experience if you watched your favorite soap opera on television. Incredibly effective – fractionation could also have a damaging effect if used incorrectly.

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