How to dance like Elvis Presley

Elvis was a celebrity who really cemented his place in the history books, not only with his music, but also with his dancing. Her performances were seen as risqué and inappropriate due to the responses she provoked from the women and girls in her audience. There are many images of girls screaming and crying while watching him perform. He exhibits a certain playfulness and some of his movements are very sexually suggestive. To understand his dance moves throughout his career, we need to look at his beginnings and where the moves came from in the first place.

In 1954, “That’s All Right” was released and played on the radio with such success that it may well be credited with its first major breakthrough. His sound had successfully fused black blues and boogie-woogie music, which was exactly what Sam Phillips (then head of Sun Records) was looking for. At his first paid concert at the Overton Park Band Shell on July 30 of that year, his legs began to shake uncontrollably as he performed. Her loose, wide-legged pants accentuated the movement and had the girls in the audience shrieking with delight. They had never seen someone act like that. It was after this performance that Elvis began to incorporate more leg-shaking movements into his act. Alternate leg flexion turned into pelvic twists and hip thrusts that were decried by many audiences. He was often videotaped from the waist up only.

To do this classic move, stand with your legs wide apart and, as you lift your right heel off the ground, bend your right knee and begin rotating it in a circle. Let the circle get wider and wider, but leave the toe in contact with the ground. You can come close to flipping your foot so the tops of your toes graze the ground during a rotation, and even bending your other leg to lower.

All the moves in this article complete your Elvis costume! Another important part (of any successful Elvis costume is a good wig, which you can find at any online costume store that carries afro wigs, clown wigs, and the like. Another classic Elvis move was used in the video for “Jailhouse Rock There was a fireman’s pole on set for that session and he would lean on the pole with his shoulder, and anchoring the pole between his neck and shoulder, leaning forward slightly, and with his legs spread, he would move his head and he swayed his hips to the same side to the beat of the music, his arms were also open and his gaze lowered during this movement.

Elvis was a black belt in Karate and also studied Ju-Jitsu, and had an interest in other martial arts as well. As he continued to perform and evolve in his career, he began to incorporate some martial arts moves into his act. Especially during his performances in Las Vegas, he is often seen doing kung fu moves with his hands and body. In his well-known monkeys, he would often throw a roundhouse kick in the air at a suitable moment in a song. Whether you want to use your knee pounding, hip swinging, jelly legs, pumping hips, or kung-fu kicks, there are plenty of videos online to help you get it right.

You’ll also want to notice the movement of his head. She often danced so hard that she tossed her hair, which meant shaking her head a lot. Whatever dance move you choose to imitate Elvis, make sure you have a good Elvis wig that will stay on when you shake, rattle and roll!

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