How to have a body-shaking orgasm through prostate massage

Most men don’t realize how powerful an orgasm through prostate massage can be. These types of prostate orgasms can be MUCH more powerful than a normal ejaculatory orgasm and can even leave your body shaking with pleasure.

In most cases, an orgasm through prostate massage is felt more throughout the body than just the genitals. You could say that the glans of the prostate is like the female g-spot. Women tell me that the g-spot orgasm compared to the clitoral orgasm is much deeper and more intense.

Another great advantage of having an orgasm from prostate stimulation is that it can lead a man to have an orgasm without ejaculation. Learning to orgasm without ejaculation will allow you to make love for hours and have the great benefit of not losing energy or losing your erection.

There are several ways that men can explore prostate massage. To begin with, one can learn prostate self-massage in the privacy of one’s own home. Asking your partner for an anal touch in foreplay and sex is another way to explore. Make sure your anal region is clean before asking her for any anal play, and you can also keep a latex glove handy if she’s a bit squeamish.

The key to having these orgasmic experiences is total relaxation and letting go. This is in contrast to a normal ejaculation orgasm. Build sexual energy from prostate stimulation and then totally fall into the feelings. Make some sounds to allow the energy to move through your body. If you follow the tips above, you will start to feel orgasms that arise from your prostate area. With practice, these prostate orgasms can leave you shaking for minutes.

Today there are specific sex toys that allow a man to make love and stimulate his prostate without the need for his partner to do anything. They work the anal muscles by moving the sex toy around to stimulate the prostate gland. The man at the top positions works best.

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