Is a world dictator about to appear?

The Plain Truth magazine announced in 1966: “Just as the Catholic Church once interposed its order over nations and peoples, it again proposes to establish a ‘Christian order’ which alone is capable of guaranteeing peace. To this end, the resources of the Church are now directed. So said the late Pope Pius in a Christmas broadcast on December 24, 1951” (Plain Truth, July 1966)….

The Plain Truth also encouraged its readers to “seek more influence from the Vatican in European affairs. Yugoslavia and the Vatican have resumed full diplomatic relations, a move that could lead to greater ties between the Vatican and Eastern Europe… The Pope, encouraging European political unity, declared: ‘We note with pleasure that the German government is actively contributing to the achievement of this goal.’ The Vatican’s influence over European affairs is bound to grow in the coming months” (Plain Truth, Aug. /September 1970)…

Is a world dictator about to appear? Yes! Now, in our time, we will see how influential this German pope is in the implementation of Germany and the Jesuits Good design. The German Pope will promote a leader for the theologians and they will fall into the trap.

germany won world war 3 — and his EU military boot will be allowed to trample mainly on the American, British and Jewish people. But their days are numbered as Providence has given them 3 1/2 years, and God will judge them if they overdo it and show no mercy. God will let Europe conquer us, but that does not mean that God approves of them becoming a bloodthirsty beast.

O Israelites! Who could defeat Britain in battle or scourge the US in war, when God showers his grace on you? Europe could never Knock us down and kick us, so far! Because God refines our gold in the furnace of affliction, and purifies our silver in the great tribulation (Isaiah 48:10).

Europe is not without sin: God is going to deal with them shortly (Deut. 32:27-43). Europe is just the last vestige of Babylon, the scarlet daughter of the pagan Gentile system, destined to crash at the coming of Christ (Daniel 2:34). They are simply building God’s case against them: European leaders will be tried and found guilty! God is going to shut down his occult operations, and burn down their brothel down! Strangely, it will be the Europeans themselves who burn the place down (Rev. 17:16), however, they do not return to God but continue to follow their Nimrod and actually fight against the real Jesus (when he returns from heaven in the sight of all mankind).

Europe is going to go mad, and its citizens will express fierce indignation, when they realize the full extent of The manipulation of Rome! For a time, it will seem that supporting the Catholic Church served their selfish interests. Both big business and the political community will support this new global enterprise (Rev. 18:9-11).

Europe’s Roman Catholic roots will have appeared as a stabilizing force, giving different nations common ground. But “Catholic services” have not been cheap: they will escort select politicians to power, handing them the vote of the people, in exchange for a strict application of Church policy. Within the framework of the “Holy Roman Empire”, they have laid the foundations for the immediate future of Europe!

The Vatican is negotiating a deal with 10 European kings, with seductive offers to restore them to political life on their now-dormant thrones, in exchange for the favor of recognizing the supremacy of the dad and his chosen political partner. The ratification of this imminent Church-State union will be overwhelmed by the evil miracles the Pope will act in the presence of the new Europe emperor! The Pope will deceive people into assuming that his miracles are proof that Providence has chosen such an individual to rule Europe and save the world (Rev. 13:14).

The body politic of Europe awaits this infusion of soul to truly come to life. What crisis will occur to force Europe to hastily accept the Pope’s proposal to recreate the continent in his image? A hungry Russian bear? An interrupted oil supply or an Iranian nuclear threat? However, Germany is ready to defend the Catholic faith and Western “Christian” civilization against destruction, but in doing so, it will actually ignite World War III!

The German-led European Union will bring humanity to the brink of total destruction, demanding DIVINE INTERVENTION to save everyone on Earth from extinction (Matthew 24:22). Tea good news is that the legitimate The King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Heaven will return and do just that! And the would-be divine emperor will be history, so help us God.

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