Simple DIY invitations for your child’s birthday party

Party time is coming and you need to shout it out as it’s only a legitimate party when you have guests so never EVER overlook the importance of the seemingly humble invitation to the party!

The most common way is to send invitation cards to inform guests about the upcoming party. However, here are some cool suggestions for creative invitations for your child’s birthday party!

make your own card

There is nothing better than something specially personalized, so why not make your own party invitation card? It would also be a fun bonding process instead of using generic store-bought birthday invitation cards, which lack that special touch! More importantly, this also creates a perfect avenue for an important family bond!

There are basically two ways to go about this fun process: using the computer with fun and easy-to-use design software, or the more traditional method that involves your usual scissors, markers, colored paper, and glue.

Once you’ve decided which approach to choose, hook your child to start the creative process! Ask them vital questions that make them feel important because they are doing what adults do: making important decisions! Also, this is for their important birthday party which is held once a year and they are the star!

Some questions to ask your child during this creative process of family bonding might be:

– Do you have a special theme in mind for the party?
It could be translated into the card design, for example a fairy princess theme for girls or an action superhero for boys.

– What is the main color theme you want for your birthday card invitations?
If they want to incorporate their favorite color, say orange, you can add complementary colors to your card, like splashes of yellow and white, to liven things up.

Once you’ve designed the cover, you’re almost halfway there! If you’ve chosen to use the more traditional way of putting it together with cut-outs, drawings, or origami pasted on the front, be sure to scan a high-resolution copy of this for later printing of the actual cards: don’t. ‘t have to replicate this for each and every invitation card!

Send an eCard by email

Since you already have a digital copy of the special artwork design above on your computer, you can choose to send the birthday invitations as an eCard via email. This could be as an attachment or embedded in the body of the email, along with the necessary information about the part.

Make sure you have everyone’s email addresses. Also, keep in mind that not everyone may have an email account (kids in early grades or younger), so arrange to print a hard copy and give it to those who don’t have access to one, or alternatively, send the e-invitation card to the email account belonging to the parents of the invited child.

If you intend to use e-cards as the new way to send invitations (we are living in the new millennium, after all!), there are fun and easy-to-use 2D and 3D animation programs you could use to enhance the image of your card. your son. invite to the party It may take a little time, but you can be sure that everyone will be delighted once they see your labor of love!

Send a text message with picture or MMS

It’s amazing how many kids have mobile phones these days, with the number growing as more parents see the need to stay connected with their fidgety kids. A simple idea for a modern casual party invitation is to take a photo of the birthday child with all the smiles, or use a generic birthday party icon that comes as a template or downloadable MMS. Submit this image along with your party details and sit back and wait for your RSVP via your own mobile phone.

While this is convenient for you, the only drawback is that not all children have a mobile phone, so you may need to find their parents’ numbers to send the corresponding information.

Important party details to include

Now that you have the ultimate birthday party invitation design finalized (whether it’s a fancy 3D animation to send via email, a super cool 2D design that uses the computer to print on cards, an eye-catching MMS, or something put together in the most traditional way), don’t forget to include the essential party information!

While the front of the card screams the message, ie YOU ARE SPECIALLY INVITED TO (BIRTHDAY CHILD’S NAME)’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!, the details inside the party invitation should include the following:

– Name of the guest (is it just the child or can their parents come too?)

– Name of your child, their birthday party (age, for example, 8)

– The day/time and place of the birthday party

– Indication of any particular theme/dress code

– RSVP with your contact details

So an invitation card for your son’s classmate Chriss would look like this:

“Dear Chris

You are especially invited to Elizabeth’s 8th birthday party on Saturday, October 16 at 2:00 pm at 15 Raffles Park Avenue.

Please RSVP before October 9 to Mrs. Vivian Chua (Elizabeth’s mother) at 91998181.

Thank you and we hope to see you at Elizabeth’s birthday party!”

Whats Next?

So you’ve duly sent invitations to all of your guests, at least a week before the RSVP date…now what? Give your guests some time to respond, and keep your RSVP list close to you so you can update it when you get a response. Make a call one day before the indicated deadline to the guests who have not yet responded.

Get back in touch on the same RSVP date to end attendance and explain that you need to collect the confirmed number so you can continue with the catering and party planning. Be courteous when talking to other parents and communicate that your kind cooperation is essential to allowing all children to have fun.

Remember, putting together birthday party invitations should be an enjoyable family bonding process for you and your child. Let your creativity flow and listen to any suggestions you have, no matter how outlandish! Make them feel special and let them take charge since it’s for their very special day.

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