Store Memories, Not Junk

There are many different methods of packing and storing your items to ensure their safety, but whichever path you take, you need to make sure your items are securely packed in airtight packaging and stored in a dry, room temperature controlled space. If people pack their items correctly and store them securely, it will free up space in their environment and there will be no sacrifice in getting rid of the things that mean a lot to them.

Let’s start with proper packaging, and then move on to storage:

Step One – Take inventory of all the items you want to pack and store.

Step Two: Buy high-quality packing materials.

Step Three – Consider special boxes to ensure the safety of fragile items.

Step Four: Take your time when wrapping breakable items.

Step Five: Cushion boxes and add material to fragile items.

Step Six: Tape and mark the boxes.

Step Seven: Ready for transit.

Step Eight: Shop.

If you pack the items yourself, you should purchase high-quality packing materials such as Styrofoam pellets, air cushions, or bubble wrap. Along with good packing material, you should invest in a high-quality plastic crate or box, preferably with a lid. Only buy boxes that actually fit your items, don’t buy boxes that are too small or stuff important items into them. If you don’t want to pack everything yourself, you can take it to a shipping store and they often offer packages and shipping deals that can help ensure your items are safe, but also take the pressure off of packing everything yourself.

The type of packaging often determines what type of items you want to pack, there are specific boxes made to ensure the safety of your products. Consider getting these types of produce boxes for your breakable items like dishes, delicates, and other glassware.

To ensure the safety of your products, you must pack everything properly, wrapping fragile items in the special boxes designated for those particular items. It never hurts to add some extra cushioning, especially with glassware. Take your time packing because that will lessen the chances of something getting damaged when you take more care with the items.

Once in your storage location, make sure the largest, heaviest boxes are at the bottom of the stack and the smallest, lightest boxes are at the top to avoid crushing any items. Play Tetris with the boxes once you identify the heavier boxes from the lighter ones. Leave enough walking space so you can move to the back of the storage area easily, and don’t clutter the area by shoving everything you can into there.

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