The pros and cons of the three sexual positions

Well, today I’d like to draw your attention to three popular sexual positions and, in particular, the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will be considering the missionary position, the “man standing-woman-lying down” position, and the cowgirl (“woman on top”) position.


This is the traditional position for sex where, as I’m sure you know, the man lies on top of a woman face down for intercourse.

Advantages –

This is the easiest sex position to get into, requires little energy to get started, and is great for sudden, spontaneous, unplanned sex. Usually it is easy for the man to roll over on top of the woman and their genitals are facing each other. This position lends itself to great intimacy because the two lovers can hold each other and look into each other’s eyes (if they are about the same height). Intercourse feels very exciting for the man, and the woman gets some significant thrusting and a “full body” experience. It is usually fairly quiet and can be done in secret if there is a danger of other people in the house discovering it.


This position has a reputation as the “married kind of boring sex” as it tends to lend itself to passionless “quickies” and can be repeated every time a couple has sex. It is often used to avoid being discovered by curious children and others who may interrupt the session. The high levels of stimulation often cause the man to ejaculate rapidly in less than 2-3 minutes, creating a bad habit for his body and a boring experience for the woman, whose body has only just begun to respond to sex before it’s all over. . It is a challenge for the man to create an orgasm for his woman unless he spends a LOT of time on foreplay and even then, prolonging the time of intercourse is quite difficult.

2/ Man standing, woman lying down

This is the position where the woman lies down with her hips in line with the edge of the bed, while the man stands on the edge of the bed for intercourse.

Advantages –

The main advantage of this position from the point of view of the man is the fact that it drastically prolongs the amount of time that he can have intercourse with the woman; anything up to 10-20 minutes or more can be accomplished. Having sex standing up makes it much more difficult for your body to be stimulated to orgasm, so you have to thrust for longer to achieve it. You can also see a woman’s body much better and can use your hands to touch her breasts and upper body, allowing a woman to receive stimulation in two different ways at the same time. The woman usually keeps her legs wide apart by placing her hands behind her knees. You can also see how his penis slides in and out of her, which makes him very excited. He can also thrust much deeper, so he can reach the woman’s A-spot, which can give her “cervical” orgasms.


Having sex comfortably standing up requires that the bed be at the same height as the man’s hips. Usually it is not, it is lower. This means that the man has to bend his knees in order to have sex with the woman. This is taxing on the man’s legs because he has to push for a long time, plus there is the problem of bent knees, which means his legs are not flush with the edge of the bed. This can be solved by pulling the woman’s hips off the bed so that her lower back is at the edge of the bed, but this requires the woman to reposition her legs by folding them against her chest to counteract the center of gravity, so your whole body doesn’t slide off the bed, in which case you’ll end up sitting on the floor with your legs spread wide. Folding her legs against her chest means the man can no longer access her breasts and upper body, thus closing off the pathway of stimulation. Inexperienced women may not realize that they must hold their legs apart with their hands behind their knees and will therefore dangle their legs over the edge of the bed beyond the man’s body, which can be uncomfortable . There is an increased risk of injuring the woman’s vaginal tissues from strong thrusting, as the man can go deeper.

3/ Cowgirl position

This is the position where the woman climbs on top of a man face down and straddles his hips to have sex.

Advantages –

This position is a winner in many ways: it feels amazing for the woman and it’s extremely exciting for the man. The main benefit is for the woman: she can control everything that happens and do exactly what she needs to achieve an orgasm without relying on the man’s expertise and experience. She can do exactly what makes HER feel good, whether or not he knows how to do it. She can go deep or shallow, fast or slow, in and out, up and down, she can rock back and forth, grind her pelvis against her pubic bone to stimulate the clitoris, lean back, lean forward, lean forward. left and right, sit facing each other. man, do reverse cowgirl, sit to the left of her body, sit to the right, go round and round like she’s sitting in a swivel chair and all sorts of things. For the man, he can see his woman having the time of her life doing whatever she wants to get as much pleasure as she can from her body, which is a huge turn on for him and he secretly gives his woman a overall pleasure. Mind blowing time is what every man wants, and this is the lazy way to achieve it without having to learn any “skills”. However, you will learn that she will, as watching her is very educational and you will find out exactly what turns her on without having to “try everything and watch her closely to see what happens” which is the usual method of approach for us guys. She can teach her man a lot in a short time and he can remember it all for the next time he is in control. In the meantime, he can sit back and enjoy the ride as much as she does because his penis gets plenty of stimulation. You can also use your hands to stimulate your breasts and upper body, run your fingers through your hair, tilt your head back, and many other things. Also, there is the reversal of dominance: putting the woman in control of sex is liberating for her and tremendously exciting for him as he discovers how wild his woman really is.


This position is HIGH ENERGY for both partners. That could also be a plus, but for the woman, her legs need to be really strong to cope with all the up and down motion, which needs to go on more or less non-stop for at least 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm. It is an important cardiovascular exercise and a feat of physical endurance. There will be sweat and slippery bodies and a lot of heavy breathing and noise. It’s quite stimulating for the man and there’s a risk of premature ejaculation which is over pretty quickly before he’s had a chance to learn anything or see things really heat up, although women naturally tend to grind more than slide up and down, which can delay your orgasm quite well. Your penis needs to be HARD for this: you need a strong erection and it needs to last a long time. There is also a risk of damaging the penis if the girl is very strong in dropping all her upper body weight on top of it and not touching the vagina (ouch!) In this case, there may be flexing of the penis, which it’s quite a serious injury (often requiring hospitalization!) Also, getting the penis into the vagina at first can be a bit difficult, as a man’s penis points up and is flat against his body, so either he has to move his penis to a 90 degree position to his body (the usual way) or else she has to lean far enough forward for him to put her inside her. There is also a risk that the noise will be picked up by other people around you, so choose a quiet time for this, when not many people are around!

These are the advantages and disadvantages of these three sexual positions. If you are considering to spice up your sex life with some new positions, I hope this information will help you to choose the one you want, so both of you can have an exciting and amazing sex life together!

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