Check Emails Online: 4 Reasons You Should

The Internet has changed the way we communicate. Emails have replaced letters as the primary means of communication. Thousands of new emails are created every day. But not all of them are genuine, as there are dozens of methods for creating email addresses. Adding a few more may be incorrect and others may be inoperative.

It becomes the sender’s personal responsibility to verify emails online. The verification procedure involves identifying if the email address is valid and deliverable. Every email address is verified. Here are 4 valid reasons for you to do it.

1. Create a list that meets

Often times, companies ask website visitors to provide their email addresses as part of their marketing strategy. It can happen that the identification provided is incorrect: a typographical error or an intentional mistake. If you start sending emails to such inaccurate addresses, you will only have a same number that will be retrieved. If the email account is no longer operational, the message is not delivered; however, you have the impression that it has been delivered.

It is a real waste of time and effort. It will send emails, but none of them will be converted. If you choose to check emails online, you can complete this error.

2. You will not be blacklisted

Did you know that your online activity is being monitored? Email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail keep track of the reputation of your mail server. This includes the number of emails reported as spam, the number of bounced emails, and emails that were successfully delivered. It’s as good as saying that you are building your reputation with every email sent.

If you have a negative reputation, chances are you will be blacklisted.

3. Image and business performance

Business-oriented emails are used for a large number of important communications. This includes information on new orders, order confirmations, order tracking, etc. If you have the wrong email address, this data does not reach your customers in a timely manner.

4. Peace of mind

As a business owner targeting potential customers, you can be sure that there is a real person behind the email address, and not some jerk trying to play dumb with you. It is commonly observed that the people who would not like to receive promotional emails are those who provide email addresses with an additional or missing character; very few are typographical errors.

This way you can filter out high-quality contacts from low-quality ones. You know which customers are really interested in receiving notifications and which ones are not. You can avoid becoming a spammer. You can also keep your list up to date.

For all the above reasons, it is necessary for you to verify emails online. A good online email verification service can help identify and remove invalid email addresses and can make your email campaigns successful. There are several free hosted software programs that allow such verification. Choosing the right one can make your job easier. In the end, you will have a clean list that you can leverage for promotional and marketing purposes.

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An all-white kitchen is beautiful, not boring

Considering a quick and affordable kitchen makeover? Do you think it is boring and needs something to bring it to life? Why not use paint to beautify it? You can defy the rules of painting a kitchen area and choose an all-white kitchen. It sounds shocking because the kitchen is an area where water spills and food splashes are common. But, if you want to create a kitchen that stands out from other parts of your home, an all-white kitchen may be your solution. It can make the cooking area beautiful and sophisticated.

Why is an all-white kitchen the best option for you?

  • A timeless choice

When you are interested in a long-term kitchen makeover, white color stands out as the best option. It is because white is a universal color and it goes well with all types of kitchen styles such as country, vintage, modern, etc. The white color makes it easy to add other colors to the theme. Yellow cabinets, blue backsplash, or a black countertop – the color white complements it all.

  • A perfect illusion

If your home’s cooking area is small, you can make it appear larger than before with a touch of white. It will make the room feel airy and give you the opportunity to make the kitchen more cozy and beautiful. When you want to create the illusion of space, ask the painter to use white for cabinets, countertops, walls, and other surfaces as well.

  • The all-white kitchen is not boring

An all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be sterile like a hospital room. It can be elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful. Add texture to the kitchen and give it character. You can go for rough beams, wooden counters, tiled backsplashes, and quirky storage baskets. Here are some other ways to create an all-white cheery kitchen:

  1. You can paint the kitchen window or kitchen island in a bright color to make the area look cheery.

  2. Complement the kitchen space with your favorite cookbooks, unique succulents, and colorful utensils.

  3. The glass door for the cabinets can add texture to the space.

  4. Use dramatic lighting fixtures to liven up the room.

Do not think that choosing white can bore your kitchen. A completely white kitchen can look beautiful and inviting with the help of an experienced painter. Hire someone who understands your vision and gives you valuable advice on making your kitchen look like a million dollars. And don’t forget to add texture and dimension to the kitchen space because it will make a difference.

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Harley Davidson tire series explained

HD or Harley is the acronym for the most popular American motorcycle manufacturing company called Harley Davidson. Since its inception in the first decade of the 20th century, it has developed a craze among young people and men with a passion for bicycles. Harley Davidson has gained popularity due to their highly customized engines and cool designs that make them a status symbol. They are the best in performance and appearance. The only problem is that they are too expensive. With proper care and maintenance, your Harley Davidson motorcycle can last a lifetime.

Harley Davidson tire series:

The HD tire series was introduced after significant endorsement from Harley Davidson and Dunlop. Since then, the bond has grown stronger. On average, HD tires can last from 5,000 miles to 15,000 miles, when in good condition. If you are looking for Harley Davidson tires, the best place to look is the internet. You will find the best series of HD tires for sale online. Some of the recommended HD tires are mentioned below:

D401 Series:

The D401 series are the approved HD tires. It is an advanced tread pattern and includes a compound specifically formulated to provide exceptional grip in all weather conditions. D401 tires use the bias or bias belted construction system. They are available in front sizes 90 / 90-19 and 100 / 90-19; and rear sizes 130 / 90B16 and 150 / 80B16.

D402 Series:

The D402 series tires are approved HD touring tires, made with a three-layer polyester carcass. They offer greater load capacity and stability. It comes with a computer-optimized tread profile with an off-center center groove that improves rider confidence on steel grating bridges and rain grooves. D402 tires are available in different colors such as black, thin white bar, and wide white sidewall.

D407 and D408F Series:

The new D407 and D408F tire series are designed for 2009 FL Touring models and feature Dunlop’s advanced MT Multi-Tread technology. This MT Multi-Tread rear tire features a strong tread compound in the center, which runs cooler to offer outstanding traction and stability when braking. Some of the features include:

  • The shatterproof multi-ply tire carcass provides maximum strength for long life and incredible handling at all speeds and angles.
  • Features bold and angled side grooves.
  • These tires are jointly developed and tested by HD and Dunlop engineers.

K591 Series:

This is the approved HD sports tire that was originally designed for racing, but now incorporates the enhancements to meet the requirements of sports and touring vehicles. It carries a V speed rating. K591 tires offer the best grip in wet or dry weather. They are available in 16- and 17-inch front and rear 100 / 90-19 tires.

Get the right tire online:

Before buying an HD tire, consider what type of bike you have. If you’re traveling on a cruise ship, then you should consider buying Michelin, Commando, or Macadam 50. You can easily get these official HD tires online.

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Twitter Sponsored Tweets: Make Money With Twitter

Sponsored Twitter tweets, also known as sponsored tweets, offer a way for advertisers to spread their tweets through high-profile celebrity profiles or regular accounts that have multiple followers. How does it work?

Well here’s a good way to look at it. If you are the tweeter, then you get paid to broadcast Sponsored Tweets on your profile every time an advertiser chooses your profile as one they want to advertise on. The more followers you have (and the more they pay attention to what you tweet), the more successful you will be in making Sponsored Tweets work for you.

However, if you are the advertiser, you pay celebrities, web celebrities, or popular tweeters money to host your ads on their profiles. For example, stars like Stephanie Pratt of “The Hills” earn more than $ 2,000.00 per tweet because they have a huge influence among their followers. You know that when Stephanie tweets, her followers will take her word on the product, click on the link, and likely make a purchase. But if you don’t have that much money, you can choose much less well-known advertisers who are happy to tweet for just a few dollars, or less.

With Sponsored Tweets, you can have a good idea early on who you should choose to promote your product or website. If you cater to women ages 18-35 who love to shop, tweeting with Stephanie Pratt or Kim Kardashian are good options. But if you sell products that teach others how to make money online, Twitter sponsored Tweets with a web celebration is a better deal.

Keep in mind that not all sponsored Twitter tweets are about celebrities. Some backers are just the average Joe looking to promote quality products to his followers and monetize his Twitter hobby. These will be much more affordable for a marketer who is also “average” and just wants to get the word out about a product or website. However, you still need to do your homework regarding targeting your audience. You can’t run an ad for a new cat food brand and expect it to be a hit with a group of deer hunters following an archery expert.

With Twitter ads, you need to be very direct in your marketing tactics. Twitter gives you a meager 140 characters to work with, and that includes the shortened URL. That means you need to cut to the chase and post a nice short call to action. Twitter is also a great place to post about discounts and savings, so take advantage of the fact that you are selling your new eBook at a 40% discount to the first 1,000 buyers.

You can also consider “Twitter only” offers. If people on Twitter think they are getting a deal that no one else is getting, simply because they follow a particular Tweeter, then you are likely to strike a chord with them. It will also give them an inherent sense of urgency that tells them that this agreement will not last long. So overall, there are many ways to take advantage of Sponsored Twitter Tweets.

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Celebrating Father’s Day 2016 amid America’s growing fatherlessness

Father’s Day 2016 is just around the corner, a day whose history dates back to July 5, 1908 when a West Virginia church sponsored an event honoring the 362 men who had died in a mine explosion. coal, a planned one. I’m just trying for time, but then …

The following year, Sonora Smart Dodd, of Spokane, Washington and raised along with her five siblings by her widowed father, took matters into her own hands. As he told his priest after a particular mother praise sermon Sunday morning: “Don’t you think fathers deserve a place in the sun too?”

Thanks to his efforts to win local support from merchants, officials, and the YMCA, Washington celebrated the first Father’s Day on July 19, 1911, but it was hardly a start. As you can imagine, many men laughed at the idea of ​​flowers and gifts, and very little progress was made. In fact, it wasn’t until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson issued the first proclamation honoring dads, establishing the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Six years later, President Nixon made it a permanent national holiday.

In those good times, 87.7% of the Baby Boomer generation grew up with two biological parents who were married to each other. Today that number has dropped to just 68.1% and is on a downward trend. And so, no matter how you address him, be it father, dad, dad or something like that, he counts among the lucky ones.

That’s because fatherlessness is now said to be the biggest family and social problem we face today. In fact, even goes so far as to say that, “If it were classified as an illness, the absence of the father would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency.”

Don’t hesitate for a minute.

According to the US Census Bureau, some 24.7 million of our children do not live with their biological father. That translates to 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children. And while, in 1960, only 8% of children were raised by a single mother, in 2012, that figure was 24.5%.

In other words, about a quarter of our children do not live with a father.

And that says New York Times Best-selling author Michael Gurian, “Without fathers there would be no civilization. Hopefully Father’s Day is a time when culture says, ‘This is our time to see who our men and our children are. Yes. we don’t protect parenthood, we’re going to be really messed up. “

It seems like we already are, as we reportedly spend $ 160,000 per child on early childhood education and welfare, with most of it spent after the early childhood years. That translated to about $ 29.4 billion in fiscal 2010, and the number continues to rise.

Another result: 90% of those who drop out of high school and 63% of young people who commit suicide are said to come from fatherless homes.

As said, it seems that we are already in trouble, and that is why a book like Bill Byrne’s How long does it take to catch a fish? It is so important. Dedicated to his father, who passed away at the age of 44, he writes: “… Like a tear in a favorite sweater, the hole that his death created in my life became even more undone with the passage of time.” As he relates, he often dreamed of his father appearing out of nowhere, always leaving him with “the grim acceptance that when the dream was over, he would leave and I would be alone.”

An irreparable hole …

Want to help put a dent in that hole? You can do this with a donation to the National Center for Fatherhood, which helps improve the lives of children and families by providing them with tools, resources, and programs. As the organization reminds us: “Even if you are an involved parent [or are fortunate to have one]Until we succeed, your children and grandchildren will grow up in a culture of absent parents and parentless children. They will be affected!

With thanks, happy Father’s Day.

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Investigating a formula for terror

When it comes to the art of horror, where do you start? How can that formula be changed? Is it in letters like H20 for water or in a group of symbols? Maybe they are just numbers put together to express information concisely and to the point. I know I wouldn’t know where to start, but I have come across a writer who might have the answers.

Roger S. Williams certainly captures the reader in this great thriller, love, mystery and murder novel “Formula for Terror.” Here we follow the adventure of a young policeman, Jan Obermeyer. He’s gotten a new position with the Creighton Police Department. She is immediately mocked by fellow officers due to her quick acceptance to her post. He learned very quickly that not everyone was happy with his progress. However, it is this officer’s place to keep his focus on why he is there. He learned immediately that a series of murders had taken place that left the town frightened and in an uproar.

Officer Obermeyer’s abilities began to race like adrenaline when she began investigating the cases. He was first only in his spare time to find out what had been going on and then with his fellow officers in the line of duty. His incredible skills soon became a great asset as he went through the scenes and wrote his reports. Her quick eyes and “haunches” soon made her one of the top officers in the cases. Now, for the other officers already working on the case, this just didn’t sit well with them. So little that she knew behind his back that they began to investigate the investigator.

The suspense builds as you embark on chapter after chapter of this book. We see a few times when Officer Jan simply escaped being the next victim. She couldn’t let her “rookie” skills get the better of her. The killer attacks again and again, and Officer Jan finds herself on the scene with her adrenaline pumping.

Sometimes she was the first to arrive. Your artistic skills move into action as you examine the scenes and direct others on what to do next.

You must follow closely to see who the murderer is. Characters float from chapter to chapter for you to get lost. But Officer Obermeyer’s quick discernment will soon get him back on track and he’ll soon be able to see who the psychopath is. The characters can be anyone from a soccer hero, a wounded lover, or even one of the police officers.

Scene after scene you will come across mutilated bodies that will make you frown. Kidnappings and murders are also decreasing. City officials are trying to make sense of all the madness, so they must call in others to help them solve the case.

Let’s follow Roger S. Williams as he leads us down the path of drugs, gang life, torture, and murder. Now let’s see what this formula is about.

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20 healthy tips to lose weight

Obesity is the global health problem that causes various serious health risks like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, endometrial cancer, etc. Junk food and unhealthy diet are the two main reasons behind the increase in obesity rate. However, people become very health conscious and begin to practice weight reduction exercises and follow healthy tips to lose weight. The few simple and healthy weight loss tips can help you reduce excess body fat, such as:

1. Aim for practical weight loss goals: 1 to 2 pounds per week is a healthy weight loss. The sudden reduction can cause other health problems and does not last longer.

2. Control your diet: the person must control their daily food consumption. It helps to calculate the calorie count and make a diet plan accordingly.

3. Get Motivated – Stay Inspired to Lose Weight. You can hang a picture of a slim or perfect figure that you want to achieve or a pair of skinny jeans, you want to tuck in.

4. Surround yourself with people who support you: the support of family and friends helps you lose weight, than that of people who do not have a friendly or supportive environment.

5. Be regular with your exercise regimen: Studies show that regular exercise and rigorous physical activities reduce additional body sagging, such as walking, biking, jumping rope, etc.

6. Control portions: the proportion of each intake has a lot to do with weight loss, especially the proportions of fat and sugar. The small proportions are low in calories and make you feel full.

7. Reduce the consumption of foods rich in calories: it will not hurt to eat a small treat of food like a piece of cookie or half a piece of chocolate. You only need to take them in limited amounts and balance the extra calorie count with exercise.

8. Change the habit of picking up food from the refrigerator: Obese people generally have a habit of picking up and eating foods stored in the refrigerator that make them fat. Try to get rid of this habit or store plenty of fruits and healthy snacks in the refrigerator.

9. Prepare and follow the healthy food list: You can make a list of recipes or healthy foods that help you lose weight.

10. Avoid fasting: There is a myth that fasting helps reduce weight, but the fact is that it causes obesity. Regular meals and healthy snacks play an important role in weight management.

11. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits: a plate full of raw vegetables and fruits has a higher satiety value and a low calorie count, replace it with junk food such as hamburgers, pizzas, sodas, etc.

12. Add ‘Impulse Fruits’ – Some fruits don’t require a lot of cutting, slicing, and prepping, add them to your diet like grapes, bananas, apples, pears, etc.

13. Make some smart changes, like using skim or dual-tone milk, low-fat cheese, cream, and snacks. You can prepare low-fat recipes.

14. Count on Liquid Calories: The high caloric value of sodas and soft drinks makes you flabby, such as sports drinks, iced tea, alcoholic beverages, and so on. Drink a lot of water, you can flavor it with lemon, cucumber or mint.

15. Eat slowly: Slow down your eating speed, as it takes almost 20 minutes for the stomach to transmit a message to the brain that it is now full.

16. Drink water before eating: it is recommended to drink two glasses of water before eating. Helps reduce food consumption.

17. Use small serving bowls – Small plates, glasses, and knocks will help reduce your food intake.

18. Avoid eating late at night – after eight it is too late for dinner or a snack. The evening meal adds a lot of Kgs.

19. Get Active and Walk Every Day – Health experts recommend walking 4-5 miles every day. The distance depends on the length of your steps.

20. Get a good night’s sleep.

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To lose weight: if only you could choose one

Nothing about weight loss has changed since the beginning of time! The path to a healthy weight has always been the Second Law of Thermodynamics;

Calories In – Calories Out = Cumulative Calories.

Simply put, losing weight requires eating less, exercising more, or both. What if you could only use one method? There are many meal / diet plans, and good ones, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers, just to name a few. On the exercise side, some of the most famous or infamous exercise programs include P90X and Insanity. All of these programs are effective in their own right, but if you had to choose one direction, which direction would you go?

The answer is perfectly clear. If you could choose exercise or diet, you should choose diet. I say this with the utmost confidence. And this comes from the mouth of a longtime fitness fanatic and strength and conditioning coach. Why am I saying this with such confidence? That is easy! It is extremely difficult to exercise on your diet! Let me give you a couple of vivid examples.

If you had a 140-pound woman and she ate two slices of cheese pizza and one slice of cheesecake, that would be a total of 955 calories. To burn that, you would have to run 10 minute miles for 1.5 hours! At the height of my running days when I was young, I couldn’t do that and I highly doubt that you can.

Here is another vivid example of this. According to Malia Frey, a weight loss expert who writes in About Health, dropping a McDonald’s daily large cola entirely (if you drink about one per day) would result in reducing your annual calorie intake by more than 200,000 calories, or roughly 60 pounds, in a year. Replace that soda with water and overcome obesity. That’s just a big soda. For the same 140-pound woman to burn the same number of calories, she would have to run 1.5 miles in 16 minutes EVERY DAY! Wouldn’t it be easier not to drink the soda and have a glass of water instead?

Fortunately, we don’t have to choose one. We can incorporate both a healthy eating plan and exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Experts say the contribution is 75% nutrition and 25% exercise. I will talk about both in future articles.

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Sedu Hairstyles and Styling Procedures: Learn How to Style Your Hair Like Celebrities

Sedu is a brand of hair styling tools and straightening irons that provide smooth and elegant styles. It gives you a creative and beautiful look easily and quickly. These seductive looks are made famous by many movie actresses like Jennifer Ainston.

Sedu is so popular for its high-end technology in hair styling and styling. Here’s how it works: these sedu plates are capable of reaching maximum heat in a short time by omitting negative ions for your protection. They use special thin plates that give your hair a fizz-free look without breaking and snagging.

Types of sedu hairstyles:

There are mainly six face shapes that are considered when styling your hair. They are oblang, square, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, round and oval faces. Based on these shapes, you can choose which style best suits your face.

Based on these facial shapes, people from the sedu brand often suggest three hairstyles. The three styles are (i) casual and elegant, (ii) chic, (iii) the bun updo.

Here are the procedures for these sedu hairstyles:


– Start with conditioning shampoo on hair for at least two minutes. This helps smooth and flatten hair to prevent damage or drying out.
– Then add hair serum and styling gel which will make your hair shine and look straight. It also eliminates frizz for that silky look. Then blow dry your hair by pointing the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft.
– After drying your hair, keep the flat iron seductive by inserting a small two-inch section of hair through these plates sliding down from root to tip.
– The final and most important part of your hairstyle is to give your hair shine. Then you can use an iron and don’t brush it afterwards.


– Wash your hair with conditioner and leave it for about two minutes.
– Blow dry your hair by dividing it into two inches of hair and blow dry into half-inch pieces with a round brush.
– Hold for 4-6 seconds. Hold this round brush close to your scalp and brush your hair all the way.
– Use shine spray for hair and finish with shine serum. Hold them in your palms and brush your hair with your palms.


– Follow the stops of the above styles until your hair becomes nice and straight.
– Keep your help with a firming gel for your hair in a ponytail and stick it in the place of the ponytail. Next, spray the front and side of your hair with a firm hold spray.
– Finally, make a barrel curl in the rest of the ponytail hair with your index fingers. Fasten it with pins and hairpins and finish it off with that way of holding hairspray at last.

NOTE: Use sedu on dry hair for best results. Using sedu on wet hair causes hair breakage and can cause permanent hair damage.

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Solid State Gold Tubes? A real no brainer!

If you don’t know much about tube amps, you’re starting out at a disadvantage! When I first started playing, I tried all kinds of amps, from solid to hybrid, and finally settled on tubes. Pricing can be a bit challenging, but trust me – after trying 10+ cheap solid state amps trying to get that great sound, it’ll be cheaper with tubes to begin with!

Sure, these little mercury-filled vacuum pups aren’t cheap, you must have them skewed when swapping out, and the general amp ownership and maintenance isn’t as cheap as a solid-state amp, and they’re a bit heavier, but the sound well worth it.

There are hybrid versions, containing power tube preamps and giving you some of the warmth of a tube amp with no real “downsides” as described above. But there is still a significant difference in the tone of a preamp vs. a tube amp.

Unless you’re playing large venues, a combo amp should work just fine. A simple 30-watt Vox or Mesa (albeit relatively expensive) will give you jaw-dropping tone at reasonable volumes … tones that absolutely cannot be matched by solid-state amps. Tip: give Craigslist a try. A few weeks of searching for good deals and you will find an incredible Class A amplifier for a price similar to many solid state amplifiers. You can switch tubes to fine-tune your sound, giving you more versatility than with a solid-state amp.

Tube amps are similar in reliability to solid-state amps (as long as you don’t mix them while the tubes are hot). Yeah I know, when I got my first tube amp I did this once and had to get new tubes.

Think small size, big sound, go tube!

Nothing beats it.

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