The relevance of the turntable in this modern era

Many young people born in the “digital age” have probably never heard of vinyl records on a record player or heard them. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the popularity of record players peaked in 1981 when worldwide sales of vinyl albums surpassed 1.1 billion. Since then, newer technologies, such as CDs, DVDs, iPods, and smartphones, have revolutionized the way people store and listen to music. However, the turntable is far from dead. With that in mind, here’s a look at the relevance of the turntable in this modern era:

The revival of the record player

There are several reasons why some people, both young and old, prefer turntables. For starters, some music enthusiasts claim that turntables produce richer, more organic sounds because vinyl records contain continuous signals rather than the 44,100 samples per second signals found on CDs. Second, nostalgia. Some folks who grew up listening to music on a record player find the act of playing vinyl records more satisfying than opening mobile apps for the same reason.

These factors have forced some record labels and even artists to put new releases on vinyl records. According to a New York Times article, six percent of the album Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, a French electronic music duo, was on vinyl records. Other musical acts and artists who have taken a similar approach include Vampire Weekend, Front Bottoms, and National. Rainbo Records, a company that prints vinyl for turntables based in Canoga Park, California, claims that it produces 6 to 7.2 million records a year.

The future of the turntable

Although music remains one of the most popular art forms, the turntable is unlikely to play a major role in its consumption in the near future. This is because people want to listen to music while running, driving to work, or during their lunch break. You can think of it as music on demand. Unfortunately, a turntable is unlikely to be of much use in any of these scenarios because it is not easy to transport. However, they will remain a widely used niche product in DJ booths, radio stations, homes, and recording studios.

Some of the key factors to consider when purchasing a turntable from an electronics store include features, build quality, cost, and cartridge type. The cartridge is particularly important because it houses the stylus that reads the grooves on a vinyl record. With all these factors in mind, you will be able to find the best buy affordable turntable on the market.

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Your First Nudist Outing: Where Should You Go?

So you have decided to try nudism for the first time.

What are you doing now?

If you are sure that you will like the nude life and are ready to commit without a second thought, you can join a nude club or book your first nude vacation and jump right into the nude lifestyle.

But what if you are a little more indecisive? After all, who can blame you? Becoming a nudist for the first time is a big step for many people.

Maybe you just want to dip your toe in the water, not over-committing yourself at first, so that if you decide you don’t like it, you can back out, immediately if you feel like it, without losing anything.

Does it sound like you? In that case, you have two options.

Try a free open house at a nudist site.

Or try a nude beach for free.

Of the two options, the first is preferable for the following reasons.

First of all, you will be in a controlled environment, where club rules ensure that hygiene and behavioral standards are upheld. The area will be well protected for privacy and there will be at least basic amenities. Importantly, you will find members to be friendly, open, and welcoming.

The problem is, strip club open houses are rare, and if any do occur, it could be hundreds of miles away. Also, it will be arranged for a particular day and date, which, even if you can, can be cold and rainy and not really “nudist friendly”. However, they do occur from time to time. Try a regular internet sweep for the “naturist club open house” or something similar and see what comes up. But don’t hold your breath!

A more realistic option would be to try a free nude beach, lake, or swimming hole.

If you are going to a nude beach, the first and best advice I can offer is to make sure it is an “official” nude beach (ie authorized by the authorities). Or it may just be a section of the beach, because while some beaches are nude, other larger beaches only allow nudity in certain well-marked designated areas. Unless you know what you’re doing, wearing anything other than an official nude beach can result in shameful law enforcement.

Some of the advantages of using a free nude beach are:

  • Usually there will be at least one on the coast closest to you.
  • They are for free.
  • You can visit us whenever you want for as long as you want and then leave whenever you want.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • They are largely unregulated. You may encounter bad, offensive, or inappropriate behavior.
  • They are rarely hidden and accessible to the general public. You can suffer the attentions of peepers, peepers, outraged citizens (even on official beaches), and similar threats. Also watch out for the hidden camera secretly filming then putting your sordid little videos on the internet. (Hint. To frustrate this spoiled individual, place a large beach bag or some other obstacle at his feet when he is lying down. This prevents him from getting his favorite shot.)
  • It can be difficult to befriend other beach users. (Hint: If you’re concerned about this, there are websites like Real Nudist Friends that specialize in connecting you with other nudists. Even if you don’t want to sign up for free, you can leave a message on one of the free forums.)
  • Many of them are difficult to access and do not have any kind of amenities.

It may seem that the cons outweigh the pros and that nude beaches are places to be avoided, but I have pointed out the potential problems just to make them complete. You will rarely find all the downsides to a visit to the beach, and most of the time you won’t have a problem. Just do your homework on the internet, peruse the beach reports and user reviews, then make your choice.

It is the easiest, cheapest and hassle-free way to take your first nude steps.

Enjoy them. I guarantee they won’t be the last!

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A list of supplies for accountants

Not many years ago, accounting supply lists included items like ledgers, ink pad stamps, and a very large mug of sharp pencils. Today, accountant supply lists are very different.


First of all, the most important accounting supply to buy is a computer. This is a fact of almost every business in America today, and choosing a computer can be complicated and confusing due to the many options available. If you don’t have a computer that you can use for your accounting business, visit your local accountant supply store, office supply store, or computer dealer.

Compare in a minimum of three places and ask a sales representative to demonstrate the different features as well as review the memory features. Keep a notebook to write down the different types of computers you have seen, as well as the pros and cons of each different computer. If you have a family member or close friend who knows computers, share your findings to make the most informed purchase that is best for your business.

Accounting program

After purchasing a computer, or if you already have a suitable computer for your accounting office, the next obvious accounting supply you will need is a good accounting software package. However, instead of choosing accounting software by brand, choose the software that is right for your particular business.

Out-of-the-box accounting software is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses that have standard accountant supply needs. If your business needs unique data reporting, make sure the accounting software you choose offers customizable reports. If you have a service-related business, make sure your accounting software includes features like a billing and time module. When choosing your software, ask a few relevant questions to make sure the package is right for your accounting business.

– Does the accounting software allow you to print or electronically send checks, purchase orders, and invoices?

– Do you have internet connectivity so you can bank online?

– Is it integrated with other software that you use frequently, such as Microsoft Office?

– Can you convert data from other accounting programs or databases? In other words, will accounting software meet all your needs, now and in the future?

– Works easily with tax forms and settings?

If you anticipate your business growing and include other staff accountants, consider these additional questions as well.

– Can the accounting software be networked?

– How easy or expensive is it to go from one user to multiple users?

– With some accounting software, adding new users is just a matter of purchasing the appropriate number of user licenses; with others, you have to buy multiple copies of the accounting software program, which is much more expensive.

Some accounting software supply packages, such as Peachtree by Sage, also offer specialty areas of accounting software, such as construction accounting, distribution accounting, manufacturing accounting, and nonprofit accounting. So, just like buying a computer, get various opinions from various sources to make the most informed purchase for your accounting businesses.

Other supplies

Once a computer system and software package are installed, filling a meter supply cabinet is the next item a self-contained meter should choose to complete. However, before you spend your hard-earned money, carefully research the items you will need most and those you will need immediately in your particular accounting specialty.

Some basic items to effectively equip your office, which are available at most accounting supply or office supply stores, are as follows:

– Organizers of tax guides for clients

– Presentation materials and client folders

– Accounting forms

– Filing cabinet with file folders.

– Accounting reference materials

– Telephone with handset

– Desktop calculator and adding machine

Some items that will be needed in your accountant supply cabinet can be purchased at an accounting or office supply store, but can also be obtained free of charge through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or ordered at

– Tax Forms W2 and 1099

– Federal and state envelopes

– Federal and state income tax forms for the current tax year

The basic office supplies to include on your accountant’s supply list are:

– To think

– Pencils and electric sharpener

– Paper clips

– Stapler

– Rubber bands

– Desk organizers and baskets to organize paperwork to be kept on your desk

– Envelopes of various sizes

– Postage meter if you do or plan to do a lot of daily mails on a very regular basis

– Self-inking stamps: one with the postal address of your company and another to seal bank deposits

– Letterhead and envelopes with your company name printed on them

– Business letters

Also, consider a one-time supply of accountants that could be of great benefit to you and your clients – a subscription to a tax update newsletter or other resource that will keep you regularly informed about tax updates and can help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes. in taxes and tax laws.

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Pros and cons of childbirth with medications over natural childbirth

In today’s age, it is rare for a woman to want to experience natural childbirth. Instead, it is automatically assumed that there will be an epidural waiting in the hospital, where you can give birth without any pain. However, this is rarely the case.

Women choose to give birth with medical intervention because they think they cannot or do not want to deal with the pain associated with childbirth. Even women who have a high tolerance for pain may not consider natural childbirth because the medications used in today’s modern world are so common.

Types of medications:

• Epidural: the most commonly used pain reliever during labor. An epidural is administered through a needle in the area around the spine and generally numbs the mother from the navel to the knees. An antiseptic is used to minimize the possibility of infection, and a local anesthetic is injected into a small area of ​​the lower back to numb the area; Then a needle is inserted into the area around the spinal cord in the lower back. A catheter or small tube is inserted through the needle into the epidural space, and then the needle is withdrawn and medicine is given through the catheter by periodic injections or continuous doses.

The goal of an epidural is to relieve pain rather than cause a total lack of sensation; It works by blocking nerve impulses in the lower spinal segments to decrease sensation in the lower half of the body. The epidural is administered by an anesthesiologist, obstetrician, or nurse anesthetist while you are lying on your side or sitting with your back arched, positions that are vital to preventing problems and increasing the effectiveness of the epidural.

• Intravenous narcotics / systemic medications: Intravenous narcotics, also called systemic pain relievers, allow the mother to be more mobile during labor than an epidural, but have higher risks to the baby and mother due to possible side effects. They can be given as a tranquilizer or combined with a narcotic and are given through an IV into the bloodstream or injected into a muscle. They affect the entire body rather than just the pelvic area and uterus and can make the mother sleepy but not unconscious.

• Spinal Block – Similar to an epidural, a spinal is delivered directly into the cerebrospinal fluid in a single injection, providing quick relief that lasts for only a few hours.

• Combination Spinal / Epidural – Often called an outpatient epidural, this is a newer technique that offers rapid and continuous pain relief.

Benefits and risks

When medications are used during childbirth, the outcome varies greatly between different mothers. While some women swear that their pain was completely relieved with the use of an epidural anesthetic, others have trouble with the effect of the medication and can still feel both pain and pressure as if there were no medication.

Statistics show that a woman who receives medication during delivery has a longer labor with more complications than a mother who chooses to give birth naturally. However, there are benefits to using pain relievers during labor.

For example, a mother in very long labor may use pain relievers to get some rest before she has to push. Pain relievers can also help the mother relax her body if she tenses up during contractions so that her body is not fighting labor, and is also helpful in situations where the mother is very anxious or afraid of the delivery. or problems related to childbirth. your past that can affect the way labor progresses.

One of the downsides of epidural anesthesia is that it can cause blood pressure to drop suddenly, resulting in routine checkups to make sure the baby is getting the correct amount of blood flow. Intravenous oxygen and fluid therapy may be necessary due to the sudden drop in blood pressure. Epidurals are also known to cause headaches due to a leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, along with chills, ringing in the ears, nausea, difficulty using the bathroom, back pain, and pain at the needle insertion site.

Because an epidural makes pushing difficult due to the inability to feel the contractions as strongly, further medical interventions such as oxytocin, an episiotomy, forceps, vacuum extraction, and a cesarean section may be necessary. Other disadvantages are permanent nerve damage, the inability to feel the legs after birth, and problems with the baby’s ability to latch on during breastfeeding, respiratory depression, and an increased fetal heart rate.

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Termination Pay – Know When Does It Have To Be Paid

Termination Pay

When your business is going through hard times you may find that your employees are not being paid. While you may have tried to keep your employees as informed as possible and perhaps made arrangements for their disability insurance, it may not have been enough. If you are facing a payroll issue now or if you are just beginning to consider the possibility, you need to know the basics of how much you need to pay your employees when you Terminate Their Employment severance pay. This article will help you understand just what you need to do when your business is facing a cash shortage and will explain how to calculate how much you need to pay your employees when you Terminate Their Employment.

When you Terminate an Employee the last thing you want to do is create a hardship for your employee. As a small business owner you may feel the need to make payroll and there are a variety of reasons why you may need to do this. Some of the most common reasons for creating a payroll issue include the reduction of employees, a change in company policy, or a change in control.

The first thing you will want to consider when does termination pay have to be paid is the difference between your gross and net income. Net income refers to all of your income after expenses and this includes your salary and any other miscellaneous money such as royalties or fees that are received from the sale of products or the provision of services. Once you have subtracted your expenses from your income you will have the amount left which you must divide between your employees. For example, if you have twenty employees and your gross income is four thousand and nine hundred dollars then you need to pay your employees their wages and this means you need to add twenty two dollars to their wages. Therefore, when you determine how much you need to pay your employees you will be able to clearly determine if you have enough cash on hand to pay them when they are terminated.

Termination Pay – Know When Does It Have To Be Paid

Another thing you will want to keep in mind when you want to determine when does termination pay have to be paid is your pay date. Your pay date is the last date you would receive your checks before being forced to start withholding them. This will also be the final date you would receive your checks if you were terminated from your job. By starting to withhold your checks you are showing the employer that you intend to remain employed with the company until you complete your termination notice. If you are not employed by the company by the end of your notice period you will not receive any checks.

The third consideration you will want to keep in mind when does termination pay have to be paid is whether the employer has provided you with an outstanding notice of termination. An employee can only be forced to leave their job with a notice of termination which is legal in the country where they work. You should check with your employer to see if they have offered you a settlement to which you will be able to continue working with.

The last piece of information you will need to know when does termination pay have to be paid is the amount of severance pay you will receive. This is the amount of money an employee receives when they are terminated. Simmons will calculate for you and give you an amount of money to subtract when you get your notice of termination. You will have up to four weeks after your notice of termination to receive this money. Once this money is received it is yours to keep.

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Three rookie managers are favorites to win the World Series in 2018

Alex Cora, Aaron Boone and Dave Martinez enter the 2018 season at an exclusive club, joining only a handful of other rookie managers to take over a team that had made the playoffs the previous year. Major League Baseball’s long history has seen only ten of those bosses, and not even one of them led his team to the World Series in that opening period.

Worse, more than half of those rookie managers failed to carry their inherited playoff teams to the postseason, including fourth-place finishes suffered by Jimy Williams with the 1986 Toronto Blue Jays and Bryan Price with the 2014 Cincinnati Reds.

Among the four who managed to lead their squad to a return to the playoffs are two who failed to make it past the divisional series, Ken Macha with the 2003 Oakland Athletics and Brad Ausmus with the 2014 Detroit Tigers. In his first year As captain, Mike Matheny led the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals to the National League Champions Series, as did Dave Roberts two years later with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It’s possible that MLB could see the first rookie manager to lead a playoff team to a pennant in 2018, considering some of the first that have occurred in the past two seasons. Last year, of course, the Houston Astros won their first World Series title and in 2016 the Chicago Cubs won their first in more than a hundred years.

Of the three rookie managers who inherit playoff teams, two compete in the American League and the other on the Senior Circuit. All three are landing teams that are big favorites to win the pennant, and it is even possible that two of them can do just that.

If New York takes the title, Aaron Boone would become the first rookie manager to win a pennant after inheriting a playoff team. The Yankees are undoubtedly among the preseason favorites, as they acquired 2017 National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins and re-signed veteran left-handed starter CC Sabathia.

However, his longtime rival from Boston stands in his way, the defending division champs are now led by rookie captain Alex Cora. The Red Sox themselves had a busy winter, adding much-needed offensive power by signing free agent slugger JD Martinez.

It is very possible that if the Yankees or Red Sox manage to capture the pennant, they will face another rookie manager in the World Series. The Nationals, who boasted the best record in all of baseball last season before falling back into the playoffs, are now being led by Dave Martinez.

His path to the National League pennant will be made easier thanks to a sensational starting team, which includes Cy Young contenders Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. Washington also strengthened the offense around former MVP Bryce Harper and third baseman Anthony Rondon, acquiring left-handed power hitter Matt Adams to share first base duties with veteran Ryan Zimmerman while spending time in the outfield.

Although New York and Boston have made bigger improvements to help their new dugout leaders, Washington still seems to have the best chance of winning a pennant. The Yankees and Red Sox not only have to fight each other, but they also have to beat the defending World Series champion, the Houston Astros.

The Nationals, on the other hand, should be able to move quickly through a division where almost every other team is in rebuilding mode. The postseason has been pretty cruel to Washington in recent years, but their increased competition has done little to bolster their 2017 pennant defense. The Los Angeles Dodgers actually lost valued starter Yu Darvish over the winter, and just last week. Last year they suffered an injury that put their top slugger Justin Turner on the disabled list to start the season.

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8 apps and sites that will put cash in your pocket

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? If you’re like a lot of people, your cash barely lasts until the next payday. While a windfall would be nice, it’s not likely. With little effort, you can change your spending habits, and you may have a few dollars left over at the end of the week. Save a little here and you can spend a little there.

There are many ways to cut expenses, save money, and earn a little extra money. While each method can generate a seemingly negligible amount of change, together they add up to big savings. By the end of the week, he’s managed to keep a good deal of his hard-earned dough.

Here are 8 ways to turn a pinch of technology into great money-making opportunities:

1. Invisible hand it is a browser plugin. When you shop online, it lets you know if there is something less expensive than the item you are about to buy. It works with Google so that when you search for something on Google, it automatically checks for the lowest prices for that item and alerts you. The prices are in real time, which means that they are the price of now, not yesterday or this morning. When you are no purchases, the plugin remains hidden, so there is nothing in your way. This is a great way to save money!

2. Blinking price works the same way as InvisibleHand. Automatically search over 4000 merchants as you shop to bring you the best deal available. It also has the added feature of alerting you to coupons for the items you are buying now and allows you to keep wish lists for the items you want later.

3. GiftCardGrandmother is a site that sells discount gift cards. If there are stores where you shop frequently or if you are going to make an expensive purchase, buy the gift card at a discount and use it to save money on your purchase. You can also sell gift cards here, as well as check balances and search for current deals and flash sales.

Four. has hundreds of coupons for all kinds of things. Before buying, see if there is a coupon for your item. To get multiple coupons, just check each one you want and print them all at once when you’re done.

5. GasBuddy saves you money on your travels. While you’re busy driving your shopping trip, GasBuddy will show you which gas stations in your area offer the lowest prices on fuel. Locals and app users like you let GasBuddy know when they see great and low gas prices so the app can let you know.

6. Field agent – pays you to perform small tasks in local stores, such as taking a photo of a screen, checking the price of an item, or scanning a barcode. They will have a list of jobs and you just choose the ones you want to do.

7. ReceiptHog – Earn points for uploading images of your receipts, from any store, to the application. Redeem points for cash or a donation to a charity.

8. CheckPoints – Earn points by doing fun tasks like scanning brand-name product barcodes when shopping, downloading new apps, taking surveys, and more. Redeem your points for Amazon or Walmart gift cards or donate them to charities.

And while you’re at it, here’s another way to earn some pocket money.

There are apps that will pay you to review new applications on your phone. Just download, answer a few questions, and submit your comments. You get paid for each review. When you’re done, you can simply uninstall the app so it doesn’t take up space and data.

Try these three to get started:

  • TestBirds – You can test not only apps, but also websites, games … even devices!
  • ErliBird – Try new apps and games and get paid for your opinion.
  • AppCoiner – They strictly make apps and are willing to pay you to try them out! Note: AppCoiner is NOT free to join. There is a one-time fee of $ 27 and they say that you will have unlimited trials to choose from and win.
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Basic Considerations When Installing Granite Countertops

Once you’ve made the decision to include granite countertops or floors in your home décor, you might be a bit worried about what to expect during the installation process. After all, this is a great investment in your home and you want to know that you’ve made a good decision. Assuming you’ve hired a professional granite installation company, you can be sure that your finished countertops or floors will be everything you envisioned.

However, even if you know you’ve done your homework on your granite selection and installer, you may still have some concerns. To put your mind at ease, here are some guarantees regarding the durability and strength of granite.

Granite Installation Considerations

  • Granite countertops are one of the hardest surfaces you can use in your home, yet they are easier for your cabinets to support than the weight of the average person standing on the counter.
  • Granite countertops are measured the same as any other countertop in your home; however, they cannot be measured until the cabinet below has been installed. Also, make sure that the manufacturer that is installing them performs the measurement.
  • Make sure you / the installer allow enough time to finish the project. It usually takes 3-4 weeks from the date the measurements were taken. If there are any problems during installation, this time will be longer.
  • Granite slabs are typically sold in 10 foot rectangular sections, so it is not uncommon to have at least one seam. Also, using an “L” shape is not uncommon as it is more cost effective and works best for corners. When possible, the seams on the bathroom countertops will be in the sink so that the seam is less noticeable. Granite may or may not be installed over plywood, it is up to the installer to determine if it can be done based on your specific situation.


There are several things to keep in mind about the appearance of granite. After all, they are part of the overall look and can add character and beauty to the finished product.

  • The seams are always done on a straight edge and sealed with a small bead of silicone. The silicone bead will be between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch.
  • Granite slabs vary in thickness, so to avoid uneven joints, installers use shims on the bottom of the top to level the top surface. This is a normal part of the installation process, so don’t panic if you notice shims, in case you decide to observe part of the installation process.
  • It is standard practice to have some type of backsplash when you have granite countertops. Typically the backsplash is at least 4 inches tall, although it can be taller if desired.
  • Most granite countertops will have a 1-inch overhang, but this can be modified if desired.
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Using a car buying agent or car broker to buy your next car

The world of car retailing is changing and it means good news for car buyers. The traditional way of buying a car from a dealership showroom has been around forever, and it’s a game where the playing field is heavily tilted in favor of the dealership. The trader knows all the numbers involved much better than the buyer, and therefore knows exactly where margins can be raised and lowered to maximize profits while still appearing to offer a good deal.

It is a bit like a casino; bettors at the tables may have some individual wins here and there, but overall, the house always wins. Buying a car from a dealership is similar, in that you can get them to lower the price of the car a bit or add some extras, but they get it all back in the finance package or other extras that you hadn’t realized you hadn’t even realized. I even needed. (but the seller convinced them they were absolutely essential).

The internet has helped buyers somewhat as you can easily check the prices of several different dealers across the country. But that’s still just a starting point; a dealership will often be happy to reduce the price of a car if they can compensate elsewhere, and it becomes very difficult to keep up with the negotiations when you have a new car, your exchange of parts (trade-in), finances, insurance, options and accessories, all make up the final numbers. The dealer is adept at juggling all of these balls at once and knows exactly how much he wins from each part of the overall deal. The client is usually completely in the dark as to how much deal he is actually getting.

More and more car buyers are turning to a car buying agent or car broker to help them manage the car purchase. Here the buyer plays on a level playing field with the dealer, as the auto buying agent or auto broker generally has the same knowledge and experience as the dealer in order to negotiate all aspects of the deal for the buyer’s benefit.

The other advantage of using a car broker or car buying agent is that it saves you a tremendous amount of time. Researching cars and taking walks around town to visit dealerships, getting quotes from different dealerships on different models, and comparing all the information is a tremendously laborious exercise. An auto buying agent or auto broker can take care of all the running and allow you to focus on your work or enjoy your recreational time.

So what exactly does a car buying agent or auto broker do?

Let’s explain the difference between a car buying agent and a car broker.

With a car broker, you provide as much detail as you can about the car you are looking for, and the broker looks for a vehicle that matches the desired specification as closely as possible.

A car buying agent offers a more comprehensive general service, usually including specific advice and recommendations on choosing a car and its specifications to suit your needs, as well as the supply of the chosen vehicle. If you are unsure of the best type of car for your needs, the advice of a car buying agent can be far more valuable than the savings you can get from the dealer. Choosing a more suitable car can represent considerable savings over the entire period of ownership, even if the bargain on the price of the car is not as significant. Many people have bought a car completely unsuitable for their needs, and using a car broker will not prevent it. However, a good car buying agent will help make sure that you are choosing a car that will do everything you need for as long as you own it.


Brokers and agents get their money from a fee charged to the customer for their service and / or a payment or commission from the dealer. This is an important point for you as a buyer; If a dealer pays your broker, you are ultimately working for the dealer rather than you, which means they may not act in your best interest to secure the best available car at the best possible price.

To ensure that your agent is acting in your best interest and not that of the dealer, you should always look for a car buying agent or auto broker who has a clear fee structure and does not accept payments or commissions from the sales dealer. Fees must be clearly explained, easily understandable and related to the service provided. If a broker advertises that their services are free, the dealer is almost certainly paying them a commission or “search fee.” If an agent or broker offers their advice for free, it is unlikely that it will be a detailed, analytical report that covers all aspects of your driving needs.

A car broker will normally charge a fee based on the value of the car you are buying. If this is the case, you should be clear about your fee structure before you begin; For example, if the relevant price threshold in your rate structure is £ 30,000, then a car that costs £ 30,001 may mean a much higher rate for the broker. than a car that costs £ 29,999.

Some agents or brokers will charge a flat fee for their services, and some may charge a fee based on the level of discount they get from the advertised price. This means that the more money you save, the more they will earn and it will ensure that they are acting in your best interest.

With a car buying agent, there will normally be a fee for their advice and expertise, and a separate fee for the supply of a vehicle. Again, you need to know how their prices work, but don’t be put off by the idea of ​​paying for expert advice, as it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. You can even use a car buying agent for advice on choosing a car, but handle the purchase yourself. This is often the case for company car drivers, who have lease agreements at their workplace but don’t know which car to rent.

In short, a car broker or car buying agent can make the car buying process much more attractive and advantageous for the average consumer, saving considerable time and potentially a lot of money.

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Bulk SMS services: reach millions at once

Owning a new business? Do you want to expand your reach exponentially by making it known to the masses? Well, Bulk SMS is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to promote your startups and SMEs and have them reach the mass audience in a very short time.

Wondering what I mean by bulk SMS? Well, It is basically about transmitting a promotional message to a large group of people at the same time. Therefore, promoting your startup or SMB is just one click away.

Why bulk SMS?

Tired of handing out brochures? Tired of looking for your company name in giant newspaper ads? Bulk SMS is the simple and reliable solution.

In today’s competitive environment, SMS services will give your business the opportunity to stand out from conventional promotional brochures and newspaper advertisements in a more economical way. It’s a reliable source of getting the word out about you to customers without being overshadowed by other promotional schemes.

It is a simple three-step process:

1. Write an informative and attractive promotional message.

2. Send it to bulk SMS providers.

3. Pass it on.

Ultimately, the goal is to empower your company’s customers with a single message and help your business grow. It is a fast and highly efficient process. Generate promotion tracking logs along with instant reports that the message has been delivered to the subscriber or potential customers.

Bulk SMS service providers

No need to use your mobile phones or any other external device. To send these messages, all you have to do is contact a service provider and they will transmit the messages with a single click. There are SMS service providers all over India with services like bulk SMS, email promotions, sending alerts and notifications to existing customers etc. at the cheapest price. There are numerous companies that are part of this market sector. Your job is to get the message across in the best possible time and without further delay. Managing SMS traffic is one of the most important challenges that the service provider must be able to overcome. Another common form of bulk SMS services that service providers provide is voice SMS and missed calls as well. This ensures in a way that the message is not left unread in the dump.

After reading this article, you will realize that technology has really come a long way and that many other better, faster and more efficient ways will emerge for the promotion of any startup, SME or any existing company. But for now, bulk SMS is definitely the new age of promotion in the market. It is a tried and tested method with rave reviews from the companies that tried it and I suppose the public masses will also like it a lot more than reading newspaper ads more than the news or receiving brochures in every place you go.

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