Month: June 2022


10 signs you’re dating a crazy mess

On one of my all-time favorite shows, “How I Met Your Mother,” there is an absolutely hilarious character named Barney Stinson who is obviously based on a dating artist. I’m aware that it’s just a TV show, but a lot of the observations of him match mine, namely the crazy hot graphic of him; Basically, […]

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Digital Marketing

How often should you review your marketing plan?

Like most of the plans you make for your business, nothing is like reality. Once you’ve started implementing your marketing plan and see how closely your assumptions align with reality, you can start modifying the plan to keep it current and grounded in reality. There are many ways to test whether or not you need […]

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sleep strategies that work

There are times in every parent’s life when sleep deprivation becomes a problem and it is accepted that for the first six months it will be a way of life. But, babies and toddlers need sleep, and you’ll be surprised by how much! The most common problems are when they can’t sleep on their own […]

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Children with Cancer and Energetic Techniques in a Hospital – How It Started

This intense and huge project of working with energetic techniques like EFT and children with cancer in a hospital began when I was invited to participate in a fundraiser for children with cancer. I went to the fundraiser thinking, “Let’s see what happens?” Being open to all possibilities led to a life project that continues […]

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Health Fitness

cheap meal replacement shakes for weight loss

In today’s world, weight loss is a dream that many struggle to achieve. But the question at hand remains, what are you doing to achieve that goal? And the question I have for you, “Are you carrying out the process in a healthy way? Or do you know the healthy and cheapest ways to reduce […]

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Lifestyle Fashion

Clearing A Yeast Infection: How To Naturally Eliminate Yeast And Candida

This article will describe how to get rid of a yeast infection in no time. These natural methods can provide really quick relief. No need to suffer anymore, get natural help to get rid of yeast infection right now. Keep dry – Avoid wearing tight pants and underwear. These will suffocate the genital area and […]

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How can I potty train my puppy?

Crate Train Your Puppy is the best solution for potty training your puppy. Dogs don’t like to leave a mess where they sleep. Just make sure the crate you selected for your pup is big enough for him to stretch out and turn around. A crate that has too much room for your pup to […]

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Real Estate

Rhode Island (RI) Real Estate Law – Closing & Title Attorneys – Attorneys

1) What is title insurance? How much is it? Should I buy it? Owner’s title insurance protects the Buyer of a property against liens or undiscovered defects in the title prior to the time of purchase. Title insurance secures the registered title and protects the owner of the property from losses arising from defects that […]

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Men Who Are Too Bold: 6 Ways To Stop A Man From Getting Physically Intimate With You Too Soon

6 ways to stop a man from wanting to be physically intimate with you too soon! “He’s too bold,” Christine’s mouth twitched in disgust. “Picture only, I just met him and he wants to retouch me. What does he think I am, a bum?” Her indignation was beginning to turn into a mixture of anger […]

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Tours Travel

Read to combat stress

Reading. Something we do every day, in many ways. We read street signs, we read directions, we read texts and emails, we read instructions on everything from setting up a crib to how your manager wants you to approach a new project. As an author, I read all the time. My own work (“that was […]

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