Comparison of BUP and BAK file extensions

The BUP file extension stands for Back UP. It is a backup file made by a variety of applications including word processing, presentation, and accounting packages. This extension is usually created automatically when the program crashes or the original file gets corrupted due to a virus or programming errors.

BUP files are identified with the corresponding extension. They are easy to find in the directory. The BUP extension can also be found on DVDs. These files are the backup of the IFO files saved on DVD. In case the DVD player cannot open them, it will try to open the backup BUP files. You must open the software program that created the original BUP file. It will contain data from the last time the program was used or information was stored in it.

The BAK extension is used for files that can generally be opened by the software application that created them. BAK also means a backup file. It is a copy of any document on your PC. Software programs make them from the ones they overwrite at installation time. Backup files are also created during editing. If you have Excel or Word configured for automatic backup, a copy of the file being edited will be created from time to time. The copy is created while you edit the original and will have the extension BAK. Now if the app gets corrupted, you will have a ready copy.

The only difference between these extensions is that BUP is generally used as a backup for DVDs and BAK for other documents.

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