Cry Zimbabwe! cry! To all my brothers and sisters around the world

There are wounds in life that are not easy to forget. Forgive and forget, some will say, but the pain is deeper than that. The pain of rape, being beaten, and the horrible things that are done to our fellow man. Zimbabwe is bleeding, whether we like it or not. The question is who to blame? Honestly, do you think there’s a need to point fingers? How long has the finger been pointed at people in Zimbabwe? I stay in South Africa. I am not a politician, but the pains that I see my brothers and sisters go through made me stand up and say that we can do something. If we join thoughts that are positive we can take action. What can you and I do, be it African, Asian, European, Australian, American and everyone in the world, no matter where you are?

-Stop blaming anyone and join and help the people that most of them don’t know about politics. When we focus on negative thoughts of guilt and waste time creating solutions.

-Let’s not do anything for Zimbabwe, but let’s work with Zimbabwe. Let’s hear from the people of Zimbabwe what they want, let’s not think for them. May the solutions to the problems of their country come from them. Ours is only to help with resources and knowledge, but let them lead the way.

-I am saying this from the bottom of my heart, that every brother and sister in Zimbabwe who reads this sends it to the other. Because with means like these we can begin to unite and find solutions. Maybe you read this, you are somewhere in the world, this is a place and time, my sister or brother, to send a new frequency. Let’s unite and spread the love for your country in every corner and street of the world. Don’t focus on the negative things that happen there, but tell a different story of hope and love. Tell people about Victoria Falls. Tell them all the positive things, like when Zimbabwe used to be the best in education in Africa. The farms that used to supply food to Africa. This is a new song, and I’m telling you that this song can hit the good ears and people can start joining in and start singing along with you. Change occurs when we begin to have different thoughts.

-No politician can solve all the suffering but the people. Not only the people of Zimbabwe but all of us in the world can do something. We can donate however we want, but if we donate our time anywhere in the world and start using media like these to spread love, then we will win. Ask yourself this question: How can I sing the song of hope with the people of Zimbabwe? It’s simple, spread the love. As human beings we have the powerful force of love to change any circumstance. Just sing with them in many ways, you can donate but always spreading the good of the country, not all the bad there is.

These are some of the many things that can be useful there. . Stop crying Zimbabwe because your brothers and sisters around the world are rejoicing with you in a new song. A song of hope, love, peace and prosperity.

Let’s hold hands together for the new energy that will surround Zimbabwe.

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