Define excellence in leadership? The six most important words for a leader

When defining excellence in leadership, who better to turn to for passionate yet concise advice than Tom Peters? “The definition of excellence in leadership is the person who is completely at your disposal.” Peters asks you to imagine having waited six months for that meeting with Mr. / Mrs. Big. You finally walk into the room for the five minutes you’ve been given and … he looks at you but does not see you.

So how do you begin to apply Peters’s definition? He quotes Dee Hock, the founder of Visa, who proposed a short “Doctorate” in Leadership as follows:

“Make a list of all the things they did to you that you hated. Don’t do them to others. Never.

Make another list of the things that you did and loved. Do them to others. Always.

A leader who is “completely available to you” will be saying very different things to one who is not. UK management thinker and writer John Adair has some good suggestions on the importance of choosing the right words. Managers who wish to be leaders would do well to consider:

The 6 most important words … “I admit I made a mistake.”

The 5 most important words ………. “I am proud of you”.

The 4 most important words … “What is your opinion?”

The 3 most important words … “Please”.

The 2 most important words … “Thank you”.

The 1 most important word … “We”.

The least important word ……. “I”.

Simple words to say? Well maybe, but easier said than done! How often do you hear leaders use them? As a leader, how often do you use them? As Stephen Covey says, “You can’t get out of something where you have behaved in your own way.”

Think of these words and as Peters says, you will be there 99%. Who knows … put them into practice, cultivate the right habits, and perhaps you will become an excellent leader. Defining excellence in leadership may be simple, but becoming an excellent leader is another matter. As Aristotle pointed out:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

As cunning as modern gurus are, we shouldn’t ignore the shining examples of leadership excellence in history.

Warren Bennis, a leading thinker on leadership, tells an old story about the difference between the two British political leaders of the 19th century, William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli. It was said that when you dined with Gladstone, you left feeling that she was the most witty, brilliant and charming person in the world. But when you had dinner with Disraeli, you left feeling that you were the most witty, brilliant and charming person in the world.

There are no prizes for guessing which of these Peters and Bennis would use to define leadership excellence.

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Married with children

There are many things that can distract you from making your marriage a priority. In this busy world, it seems like there is always something else that needs to be done and it can be very easy to put your marriage on the back burner. If you are a parent, you have an additional hurdle to overcome. Few parents look at a newborn child and anticipate that that child could be the future source of marital discord.

Of course, children are not personally responsible for marital problems. Children do not deliberately set out to destroy marriages. In fact, children have a great need for the sense of security that comes from having parents who have a strong relationship.

However, children are demanding and it is very important to meet their needs. Because they are so important, it can be easy to justify putting your obligations to your children before the needs of your relationship. It is imperative that you realize that one of your children’s greatest needs is security that can only come from knowing that their parents have a strong, loving, and committed relationship. That is, you can better serve your children if you put your marriage relationship first.

You have to give yourself permission to spend time nurturing your relationship without feeling guilty about neglecting your children in any way. If you put your relationship on hold to focus on your children, you risk seriously damaging your relationship, and the insecurity of a wounded parenting relationship can negate much of the effort that you put into your children.

If you have a child with special needs, the already enormous demands of having children can increase enormously and it can be extremely difficult to find the time to nurture your relationship. If your child requires constant care, you may wonder how you could find time to be alone with your spouse. However, the need for a secure parental relationship is also very important to your child and I encourage you to do your best to spend quality time alone with your spouse.

All married couples should take the time to build intimacy. You should set aside frequent and regular time to spend together as a couple. Time spent paying bills and discussing things to do doesn’t count. If you have a shared faith, take the time to pray together. Take time for meaningful conversation. Do something you like to do together and don’t underestimate the importance of taking the time to make love.

If you can’t get out of the house, you may need to get creative. My husband and I have 4 small children and we have no family around. At some point we’ll buy restaurant-quality packaged food, put the kids to bed, light some candles, and have a romantic dinner together. If we dim the lights enough, we can forget for a moment that the house is a mess.

Whatever you do, do it about yourself as a couple. Do something that allows you to express your love and appreciation for each other as you deepen your relationship. If you do, you will find that the whole family will be stronger. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go find my husband.

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How to become a history buff

What is a history buff? There are many people who consider themselves history buffs, but are they really? Does it depend on how much you like or enjoy historical themes? There is no way for anyone to know everything about a historical subject, so what is the scale? How much do you need to know to be considered an amateur? It seems that the phrase History Buff is used a lot. More than 800 people on Twitter consider themselves history buffs, while more than 23,000 people mention the story on their profile. The History Channel Facebook page has over 4,000,000 Likes! How can you become a history buff?

How to become a history buff:

  1. Pick a time period or topic – find out what topic excites you. What do you want to know more about? Did you see a movie that made you want to learn more? Maybe the movie 300 made you think of Ancient Greece and the Spartans, or Saving Private Ryan made you think of World War II.
  2. Go to your local library – find as many non-fiction books as you can on your specific topic and start reading. Remember that sometimes you may need background information to better understand the topic. If you are reading about the Roman Empire, you must understand the Roman Republic that preceded it.
  3. Check out Amazon or your local bookstore – If you find a book that you really like or if a new book comes out on the market, it may be time to buy your own copy.
  4. Check TV listings – The History Channel is dedicated to all kinds of historical topics, check if there is a show or documentary on your topic. Channels like A&E, TLC, PBS, and others broadcast documentaries all the time. Make sure you don’t miss any on your topic.
  5. Take Notes: Write down all the facts that you think are important. Highlight and write in the margins of your books. Be sure to keep all the information together for quick reference.
  6. Join Online Discussion Groups – Google history discussion groups where you can discuss your topic with others who know you.
  7. Look for Historical Societies or Museums – Look for local historical societies or museums that may be related to the topic you are studying.
  8. Review and reread: Review what you have learned on your topic and reread some of your favorite books. You may find something that was lost the first time.
  9. Expand Your Topic – Once you’ve gone through all the sources on your topic, think about expanding your topic. There is probably an area you read about related to your first topic that comes up over and over again, repeat these steps for the new topic.

Follow this list of instructions and you will surprise your friends with your knowledge, or you will just start annoying them!

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Puggles history

Puggles are a relatively new breed and whenever you are looking for Puggle puppies for sale, you will likely find something different each time. Although this breed of dog has only been around for a little over ten years, not much is known about the first Puggle that was created or where it was raised. There were probably some Puggles made back in the day that were only considered stray dogs, but today we consider that a mix of a purebred Pug and a purebred Beagle is known as a Puggle. There is a bit of history about Puggles that some people know about. First of all, we know that they originated somewhere in America because the first Puggle litter was established in Wisconsin by a breeder who goes by the name of Wallace Havens. This was the first man who decided to establish a place where he would have Puggle puppies for sale, and he is also credited with giving the breed the name “Puggle”.

There are a few different ways to create a Puggle. The first and most common way is to take a male Pug and a female Beagle to create a Puggle. This is known as the true way to create a Puggle. If someone wants the specific characteristics of a Pug or Beagle to be more prevalent in their specific Puggle, they can breed a Pug or Beagle with an existing Puggle. For example, if you wanted your Puggles to look more like a Pug, you would breed a Pug with a Puggle. This would make the Pug the dominant gene source in new Puggle puppies for sale.

The last way to create a Puggle is to breed two existing Puggles with each other. This is not actually done very often because combining a Pug and a Beagle tends to create a dog with better overall health than mixing two Puggles. This is a common occurrence that has been noticed by breeders. Hybrid dogs generally seem to be in better overall health, so mixing a Pug parent with a Beagle mother is more prevalent than mixing two Puggles together. When looking for different Puggle puppies for sale, you should ask how the Puggles you are looking at were raised.

Although they are not a purebred dog, Puggles will generally sell for more than a Pug or Beagle. This is because Puggles are known as designer dogs and they are quite unique in the pet world. Not many Puggles are raised compared to Beagles and Pugs, so there are fewer for everyone. The demand for Puggles seems to be increasing as more and more people are looking for unique pets that not many other people have.

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Obtaining $ 20,000 military loans is not a fantasy, it is possible

The ideal that members of the military are free from the financial worries that the rest of us have is really misplaced. Utility bills, school fees, grocery bills, and credit card debt are a reality for military families as well as for any other family. Therefore, the additional funds may be essential to handle financial difficulties, such as a $ 20,000 military loan.

While smaller loans are generally easy for military personnel to obtain, larger sums are possible as long as the necessary criteria are met. But even bad credit approval is possible if an applicant is serving (or has even served) in one of the branches of the military or security forces.

Members of the Army, National Guard, Army Reserves, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Air Force have a route to vital funds that can pay off the debts of the modern family living in one fell swoop. . And applying for a large military loan is pretty straightforward.

Advantages of military applicants

There are clear advantages to making loans to members of the military, and this is why lenders have little trouble making large loans, such as a $ 20,000 military loan. Critical factors are the status of employment and the status of earned income. These two issues alone make the investment safer than similar investments for civilians.

The probability of getting approved with bad credit is high because the employer is the United States government, as the chances of being fired in a time of recession are practically nil. After all, the United States government is not going to ditch the military like many industries will to cut costs.

And because the risk of late payments is zero, it means that the chances of a borrower falling behind on repayments, or even defaulting on a large military loan, are similarly close to zero. This is aided by the ability to set up an automatic repayment plan directly from the borrower’s bank account.

Options to secure a $ 20,000 loan

The range of loan options available to members of the military is no different from the range open to civilians, but there are greater benefits that military applicants can enjoy. With income and job security issues cleared up, it means lenders are more confident of receiving repayments. For this reason, a $ 20,000 military loan is feasible.

Military borrowers can apply for unsecured personal loans, which range from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 with relative ease. In fact, bad credit approval is not so much of an issue as long as repayments are confirmed to be affordable through the debt-to-income ratio. This means that a limit of 40% of disposable income can be used to cover debt. Being within that limit means that approval is practically assured.

For large military loans, generally between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 or more, the applicant may offer some collateral as part of the application. This also virtually ensures approval, although the lender will always prefer to know that repayments can be made, rather than compensation.

Reconstruction of the financial statement

Of course, the benefits of obtaining a $ 20,000 military loan go far beyond securing much-needed funds. Using the funds can also be beneficial in the long run. For starters, while a personal loan can be used for just about anything, using the loan to pay off existing debts improves your credit score. An improved credit score means lower interest rates are charged.

Eventually, the urge to seek approval with bad credit will disappear, with a good credit rating achieved. Therefore, the terms of large military loans in the future will improve even more, making any move to obtain more funds almost certain.

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Google’s Android Oreo was announced some time ago: what distinguishes it from its predecessors?

So you must have started to see Oreo on many devices as Google expands its implementation. The most popular devices to carry Oreo are the Google Pixel, Pixel C or Google Pixel XL and Xiaomi. It has been confirmed that many companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HMD Global, etc., will support the update later this year. The company announced Project Treble (for those who don’t have a Google-branded phone) to ensure that the Android Oreo update reaches many more devices than the previous operating system.

About features and functionality: is this all you can do when the new update arrives?

  1. Smart text selection

The text selection function in Android Oreo goes to ‘Rock’, since the operating system will know how to select all the text, when it tries to copy and address. The smart text selection feature has the ability to touch selected text.

This feature makes using the device quick and easy. If it is an address, it will start at address there. And if it’s a phone number, you can dial the number directly from the screen.

  1. Multitasking video

This is not a completely new feature, but it can be said to be an advanced version of the existing multitasking feature. Android Oreo’s picture-in-picture feature allows users to easily switch from one screen to another.

For example, if you are watching Netflix and you suddenly remember an email that you forgot to send, you can keep Netflix in a small window and send emails at the same time. This feature is great on medium and large screen phones.

You will be able to pull a video screen of your application into a small panel on the screen, allowing you to use the phone without losing sight of the action. You will surely appreciate the greater versatility and multitasking benefits that this operating system offers.

  1. Notifications

Android Oreo allows notification dots to appear on apps that have pending notifications. This feature was not enabled in previous versions, making it difficult to see new notifications. You can perform with a single tap on the point to get actions from the context menu.

Google introduced notification dots to apps in Android Oreo, allowing users to quickly see what’s going on without the need to open the app. You can simply swipe the notification bar and get details about the notifications you have. This feature is similar to Apple’s 3D Touch-enabled bubble pop-ups. A long press on the small colored circle at the top rich on the application icon will bring up the screen and display more information.

  1. Autocomplete

Users don’t need to go through the pain of typing information every time, as the ‘AutoComplete’ feature in Android Oreo fills in the information automatically. The operating system completes the information automatically from the application or the web.

Remembering long passwords is difficult. However, it is to keep you safe when you are online. The previous version of the Android operating system allowed you to use a number of strange solutions to help you copy and fill in your account details.

The new version of Android Oreo allows applications to be registered, as the autocomplete providers within the system log in. All you need to do is choose the autocomplete provider in any language and input settings. Android will ask for the app’s login details whenever it needs it.

  1. Adaptive app icons

Google encourages its users to interact more with application icons through this new update. Provide developers with tools to make interactions a little fun and engaging.

App icons can come to life when users interact with them or scroll through screens on the home page. It is potentially a new feature and we are more interested in what developers can do with it.

  1. Great speed and performance

According to Google, Android Oreo will load applications and boot the device at twice the speed of Android Nougat, resulting in smoother operation. Google is done with a lot of work on the good to make a faster iteration of its mobile platform. This improvement is likely to improve the performance of even cheap devices.

Google also limits the frequency of background location updates to improve system health. It is twice as fast as the previous generation with a faster start-up. Application developers will love this feature.

  1. Great power for the Google Assistant

The new Android operating system gives Google Assistant additional powers, making it that much more useful. The Google Assistant will be open to developers, who can take advantage of it within their applications. This means that it can be used within the application, which serves to reinforce the usability of the applications in the long term.

This type of innovation is necessary for it to be indispensable. Google ensures that Assistant grows and evolves beyond smart devices.

  1. Play more with new emoji

There is no doubt that emoji are firmly enriched in our daily lives. They have their own movie to cry out loud. Google committed to the latest additions to the ever-expanding family of emojis in Android Oreo.

When it comes to introducing users to new emoji, Google lags behind Apple. The inclusion of the latest expressions will likely delight the Generación Patria. You can find more than 60 new emoji. The best thing is that Google is going to redesign the entire emoji catalog. So stay away from a new look when Android Oreo lands on your device.

  1. Save battery life

Android Oreo’s main focus is on battery life, speed, and security with great control over the apps. Google is moving slower in the direction of rival Apple’s iOS with heavy restrictions on everything it can do with the app. Restrictions placed on background applications reduce performance demands on the device, speeding up operation. This means that all devices will see more battery life once Android Oreo is installed.

Google says Android Oreo is much smarter when it comes to allowing apps to run in the background, reducing the amount of power and money they use. This leaves more battery to use for tasks you use regularly.

  1. Keyboard navigation

The biggest improvement in Android Oreo is keyboard navigation. Users can easily navigate with a more reliable and predictable model for “arrow” and “tabbed” navigation. This feature helps both end users and developers.

In addition to the above, Wi-Fi Awareness is the new feature in Android Oreo that allows Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other over an ad hoc local network. Google is set to add Sony’s LDAC codec to improve low latency audio. You can also see some improvements in the camera app. Google is reworking the camera app, offering a new double-tap feature to quickly get 50% zoom. Android app developers believe that these new features will be a game changer for them.

Finally, no Android operating system would be complete without the Easter egg. However, the one we see in Android Oreo is not the most impressive we have seen to date. Go to settings and tap System -> About phone. You will see a great Android O. Tap it repeatedly to get an octopus.

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Cleveland’s streak is not only rare, but almost unbelievable

First came the total solar eclipse, which swept across the country on Monday, August 21. Then just a few days later, the streak began to ripple through the sport of baseball and has yet to stop.

No team has enjoyed a career like this in a long time, but somehow the Cleveland Indians’ eighteen-game winning streak has been underestimated. After all, winning eighteen games in a single month is quite an accomplishment, and some teams go two full months without adding eighteen digits to the victory column. This season alone, the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t get their eighteenth win until June 4, something Cleveland has managed to do in eighteen days.

There are many notable aspects to this streak, aside from what little has happened in baseball’s long history. Consider, for example, that eleven of the eighteen consecutive victories occurred during a road trip in three different cities, from New York to Detroit to Chicago.

It’s one thing to beat rebuilding teams like the Tigers and White Sox, but the other four opponents during the streak have been in the middle of a pennant race. Boston, Baltimore and New York are battling not only for the AL East championship, but also for a spot in the wild card game, as is Kansas City.

The quality of the opponent didn’t seem to matter during the streak, and neither did the pitcher. Evidence of a strong rotation and excellent bullpen, eight different pitchers have earned the decision in eighteen consecutive victories.

Nor did playing time seem to affect the Indians, who continue to shoot either under the stars or in the sun. Ten of the wins during the streak were night games and the other eight were played during the day.

Even though the eighteenth win was decided by just a 3-2 margin over the Baltimore Orioles, most of the games haven’t even been even. Over a dozen and a half contests, Cleveland has outscored its opponents by an overwhelming 117-32 margin. Incredibly, the Indians are averaging more than four runs per game than the team they are playing.

The roll has gone on for almost three weeks now, which, even in a baseball season’s marathon, is still a long time. As proof, consider some of the strange events that have occurred at the diamond since the start of the streak on August 24.

Houston played a home series against Texas at Tropicana Field, the ballpark of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Astros had been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, prompting the club to face the Rangers in the Eastern time zone.

Tampa Bay, ironically, scheduled a home series to be played at CitiField, the ballpark of the New York Mets. The cause was again weather-related, as Hurricane Irma threatened Florida so much that the Rays had to play a home series against the Yankees across town.

Mother Nature has certainly thrown us many challenges over the past few weeks, from an eclipse to two hurricanes and an earthquake in our south. She, like her many opponents, has been powerless to stop the Cleveland Indians’ historic winning streak.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bali

Bali is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination in the world. With beautiful architecture, beaches, waterfalls and museums, this beautiful island in Indonesia is affectionately called as the ‘Island of the Gods’. From history to the centers of today, Bali has a lot to suit everyone’s interests. It is always a pleasure to be part of the Balinese traditions, and there is no greater pleasure than trying the local Balinese cuisine. Here’s a guide to the vital things to do, traditional and cultural etiquette, and Bali’s must-see spots. Read and contact Pickyourtrail if you want us to choose the perfect Bali package for you.

Top things to do in Bali

> Visit to the Tirta Empul temple

There is an undeniable touch of uniqueness when it comes to the Tirta Empul temple. This is the prayer center for Balinese Hindus. The temple is also a famous attraction place in Bali. The large pool in the center of the complex is where the views of the temple are incredible. Multiple worshipers enter this water arena for prayer purposes, so great care must be taken when it comes to respecting locals or worshipers.

> Surf in Kuta

Surfing is always a delight. For those of you who haven’t tried surfing once, what better place than Kuta Beach to enjoy the action of the water! The waves move quite smoothly and since the beach is located on dense sand, the sharp reefs wouldn’t be much. Relaxing on the beach with a bottle of beer and taking in the views works great on Kuta Beach too.

> Visit Jimbaran

What used to be a charming fishing village with a beautiful coastline is now one of the popular destinations in Bali. Famous for its luxurious resorts, Jimbaran is also home to the best seafood restaurants and sandy shores. The ideal time to relax here would be during sunset, when the weather sets a tone with the surroundings and offers jaw-dropping views.

> Visit to Nusa Dua

Located on the east side of the Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua is almost similar to Jimbaran when it comes to luxury resorts. However, it is special for its own reasons, which include numerous golf courses, relaxation spas, and a wide number of luxury resorts (St. Regis and Conrad Bali in particular). Geger Beach is also a great place to visit in Nusa Dua.

The best time to travel to Bali

Bali maintains an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Heavy rains can be expected from December to March. July, August and December attract the attention of the crowd. May, June and September will be good to visit Bali, because the weather is perfect, making them the months in between.

Stay and duration

Bali is the perfect vacation destination. So if you are planning a leisure trip, make sure it extends up to 8 days minimum. For honeymooners, relaxing on Kuta beach or enjoying a spa session in Ubud and of course enjoying the always romantic candlelight dinner at Jimbaran should consume about 5 days.
Cost of living in Bali.

The cost of the stay is not much in hotels that have concierge services. Rates will start from Rs 1800 per night up to Rs 6000 per night in the case of luxury.

Best Suggested Hotels / Resorts in Bali

Luxurious: –

The Chedi Club, Ubud (5 star property)
Viceroy Bali, Ubud (5 star property)
The St. Regis Bali, Nusa Dua (5 star property)
Kayumanis Jimbaran, Jimbaran (5 star property)
The Legian, Bali (5 star property)

Middle range: –

Dash Hotel, Seminyak (4 stars)
Swiss Belinn, Legian (3 stars)
The Haven Bali, Seminyak (4 stars)
Four Points By Sheraton Bali, Kuta (4 stars)
Horison Seminyak, Seminyak (4 stars)
Eating in Bali

If you are willing to settle for a nominal meal, for a couple you can charge up to Rs 350 per head. Fine dining has options starting at 1500 rupees per couple. Beer and alcohol will cost around rs 200 per bottle.

> Best restaurants for dinner:

Good dinner:
Kubu in Mandapa – Ubud ($$$$)
Kaum Bali-Kuta ($$$$)
Bali Pearl Restaurant – Seminyak ($$$$)
Piasan Restaurant – Seminyak ($$$$)

Local restaurants:
Tapa Nusa Dua – Nusa Dua ($$$)
Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud – Ubud ($$$)
Made’s Warung – Kuta ($$$)
Warung Mina Seminyak – Seminyak ($$)

Must eat in Bali

Bebuk betutu – Non vegetarian
Mie Goreng (fried noodles) – Veg
Pisang Goreng (fried bananas) – Veg
Babi guling – Nov Veg
Arak – No vegetables

Cultural etiquette

Visitors must wear fully covered dresses if visiting temples.
Crossing hands and wishing people in public with a ‘namasthe’ is very common.

Carry an unlocked phone that is not tied to a single carrier.
The main mobile operators in Bali are Telkomsel (Simpati), Indosat and XL.
Buy wisely by trading up to optimal levels
Avoid plastic water bottles
Beware of wild and stray animals

With more intricate details giving you an overview of Bali, read the Bali Guide right here: Bali Travel Guide

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Can’t the baby poop? Try the chayote puree

My baby’s favorite puree is made from chayote.

Do you have visions of the Road Runner and Wiley E. Coyote, wondering how I got the coyote meat on my hands? Let me tell you up front that no, I didn’t misspell “coyote”!

Chayote is a green vegetable that looks like a pear. The background reminds me of the way a toothless mouth is pursed. I have only seen chayote in the supermarket and I have imagined that it grows on trees. I even found myself humming “… and a partridge and a pear …” while making my selection in the produce aisle.

I was completely wrong about the tree. Chayote is part of the pumpkin family, like the squash, zucchini, and squash … which brings visions of Charlie Brown calling the Great Chayote. Except the chayote is much smaller than a pumpkin and would not work for carving on Halloween.

It can be eaten raw, but I have always boiled it. The root, stem, seed, and leaves are edible. I have eaten the seed soft, flat and cooked, which tastes quite good. An important tip to maximize your enjoyment of chayote is to cut off the wrinkled part at the bottom, because it has a stringy, stringy quality that extends to the vegetable. I think this is where the seed is preparing to sprout.

To prepare a baby puree, boil the chayote. After boiling, peel the skin. Next, place your knife along the wrinkled bottom and cut all the way to the top. You will go through the soft seed. Cut off the stringy part. Cut it into large pieces. Mixture. Delicious!

The puree has a consistency similar to applesauce, but perhaps more watery. You can also add a smaller amount of green zucchini, carrots, squash, etc. Try different ratios to see what your baby likes.

Are you wondering how I came up with the idea of ​​feeding chayote to my baby? Well, it wasn’t my idea. It belonged to my husband. It is from Mexico and this is one of the first foods they give to babies there.

Chayote is a good source of amino acids and vitamin C, as well as niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin K, zinc, copper, and manganese.

After 7 months of breastfeeding, I started following the doctor’s orders. I gave the baby rice cereal as his first solid food, three times a day. The result was that he became constipated. After four days without a poop diaper (which was unheard of for him), we ditched the rice cereal and went for the chayote. Once her poop diapers returned, we gave her cereal again, but switched to oatmeal instead of rice.

The baby is now 10 months old and is eating a wider variety of solid foods, while continuing to breastfeed. Whenever he shows signs of difficulty pooping, or when his stools look hard and his bottom is sore red, I go back to mashed chayote again. The baby still eats it with enthusiasm and it works all the time.

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Partnering with other entrepreneurs: advantages and disadvantages

Partnering with another entrepreneur means sharing ownership, responsibility, and trust. Should you find a partner? Is it better to partner with a friend? For some people, it is a “no” because they are afraid of losing their friendship because of money. For others, it is a “why not do business together?” This seems to keep the friendship one step ahead of the game. They may feel more comfortable working with someone they already know and trust.

It is difficult to say whether partnering is a good option depending on the business industry, financial situation, and many factors. Let’s ask some critical questions:

1. Is the business your idea or someone else’s? Do you have any business knowledge in this line of work or passion? Do they have the same goals as you?

2. What type of business do you have or want to create? Is this a product or service business? What responsibilities or licenses should both partners obtain? Who is responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation or licenses?

3. Do you need to partner with someone to run this business because you can’t afford to hire people or for financial reasons?

4. What association will you agree to be? 50/50? 60/40 or 70/30, etc.

5. The entrepreneur must understand that business is a long-term commitment. It is a long journey from start to harvest. What is the exit plan for a partner if necessary and how to reach an agreement?

6. Do you have the ability to manage this business?

These are some vital questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before creating a partnership.

I have spoken with many entrepreneurs and did some research. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the partnership:

• Property:

Advantages: Pride of ownership, freedom from the control of others, the time invested will show higher performance, flexibility to make decisions.

Cons: You never know when you can put 40 or 80 hours in business this week. Having to compete with other companies. There is no guarantee of success.

If it is associated only for capital, an entrepreneur may think twice. Partnership mistakes are costly because a partner may not have business experience or may not be willing to invest the same amount of time.

• Control:

When it comes to partnering, many people immediately think 50/50, so everyone can have equal control. You should avoid this because “there are too many cooks in the kitchen.” There needs to be a person who can make the final decision. Research shows that it is better to form a 60/40 or 70/30 partnership. Every business needs a person who has overall control and responsibility. In this way, employees will not be confused by knowing who is the boss.

• Personality:

Pros: Different and more diverse characters can benefit in various tasks like finance, people, product, marketing management, etc.

Cons: Facing the same problems, but two people can react in different ways.

• Vision of the partners:

Advantages: It is best if you have a partner who has the same vision, passion and goal as yours.

Cons: partners often see the same product going in two different directions.

• A mix of generations:

Senior Partner: Lifelong experiences, knowledge, and more flexible work hours, but not a lot of energy and you may be considering retirement soon.

Younger partner: They are knowledgeable about new technologies and are full of energy. Eager to work, but lack of real-world work experiences or some specific skills needed. Less flexible work hours or no full commitment to work.

Think long and hard before inviting a partner to your dream!

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