Buying investment real estate incognito

An often promoted “secret” of buying investment real estate with the intention of “selling” the property is, as usual, no secret at all. However, it’s worth checking out here so you don’t end up in a relationship you don’t want. Many real estate investment enthusiasts promote the concept of buying real estate under the name of an organized legal entity rather than their own name. One of the objectives of this structure is to facilitate the resale of the property. This goal is reportedly achieved by selling the owning entity (LLC, Corporation or Trust) and thus transferring the property you own as well without the traditional process of searching for titles, title insurance, filings, etc. Sounds good, but is it really? I well understand the desire to make life easier for a buyer. However, there are elements involved in a typical “entity sale” that can make it problematic at best.

The first question is the probable sale of the entity. Unless this is done correctly, the seller may be selling a security. The securities law is what governs people who sell securities. The stocks, bonds, and stocks of an LLC are generally considered securities. In a case like the one we are discussing, the seller must comply with the securities law. The penalties for violating these laws are far more punitive than for violating most real estate laws. In addition to the value ramifications, there are liability issues.

In order for all available real estate ownership benefits to be enjoyed by (transferred to) the owners, they must have personal liability for the debt. This means that new owners will need to sign any underlying debt, assuming current lenders allow it, which is not a given. Also, it will be difficult for sellers to obtain authorization from lenders. It is important to note that this type of sale can still trigger a “due on sale” clause on the mortgage. This would allow the lender to recover 100% of the balance owed and payable on the loan. Read these clauses carefully.

There is also the issue of the entity’s operating liabilities. Simply put, if you buy an operating entity, you will inherit all of its operating liabilities. If the entity owes a debt when you buy it, you owe the debt. That is true even if the debt does not belong directly to the property you want to own. This may be the case with loans such as lines of credit, credit cards, and accounts opened with suppliers. In most cases, it is difficult to know all the debts that an entity has and therefore, if you buy an operating company, be careful to identify and document all the debts that you take on and have the sellers compensate you for any other .

As with many things in real estate, this concept is presented as a safe and easy-to-use tactic to facilitate business. In the real world, it usually isn’t. But it is used with a certain degree of frequency. The reason you don’t hear more about this is that the parties involved usually never get to the point of litigating any of the issues. In most cases, things are just going well according to Hoyle. If money is made, everyone is happy. If money is lost, most people take the hit and get on with their lives. However, the fact that you are never caught does not mean that it is correct to use this concept with impunity.

As with all elements of real estate, you have an obligation to yourself and the people you do business with to be honest, open and direct. You must understand as much as possible about a transaction and make your decisions wisely. If you are thinking of buying or selling an entity and therefore a property, be careful. The more you know the better. This tool is not as safe as some would have you believe, neither for the buyer nor for the seller. If we can help, we will be happy to do so. Good luck.

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How I fell in love with my boring and quiet life

Life was loud, chaotic, and downright noisy at times. But it’s also fun, carefree, and full of predictability. There was always a lot of alcohol, a lot of people, a lot of talk, many nights and early mornings. Every week he went out. In some place. Anywhere. I met a lot of people and we went to a lot of places. If he wanted something, he would go out and buy it. Was young. He had a lot of money and a lot of time to lose. And even though he had it all, he still yearned for more. Truth be told, all he had were things. Things. He had hardly any real memories or experiences. I was just doing what felt right. He was about 70 pounds overweight, drunk all the time, careless, and madly in love. Think of the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House mixed with Coyote Ugly. Yes, that was me. Any other day. While most people usually wait until weekends to have fun, I would light up Monday through Friday and use Saturday to sleep. On Sundays, I would take a break, but just to get ready to do it all over again the next day. My hangovers weren’t just from alcohol-filled nights. He had a hangover from an elevated lifestyle. He was always on the move and hardly ever slowed down. He was constantly looking for a good time. When I wasn’t having a good time, I went down from my ups and downs to a very exhausting slump. This is how I came to the conclusion that this persecution was not good for me. In fact, it’s safe to say that it was all an escape from a life he hated. I will never forget a day contemplating if I wanted to go home. I remember looking at my watch while still in the office, logging online to find flights to book out of town, dropping everything, and never looking back. What stopped me was our son. She loved him more than life and absolutely had to come home to him. But he knew something had to give. I knew the only way life could get better for me was if I just started walking towards who I was supposed to be instead of continually walking away from her, losing myself.

I can’t pinpoint exactly the actual day I was fed up. I only remember that there was a fire that was lit in me one day and told me to lower the volume of my spirit because the volume was no longer working for me. The man I thought I’d die with and officially decided to split up after 19 years together. It needed to happen. Either it split or it died. We stop having anything in common. We’ve already been on the brink of the inevitable for years, we just had to admit it out loud. We spent several years lying to our family and friends about what was really going on between us, but we knew what was coming. Spending money, buying things, drinking and partying and consuming anything we could get our hands on only kept us distracted from our dysfunction. I do not change it. It only kept us distracted long enough to avoid having to face reality. This happens a lot in marriages, whether many of us want to have it or not. Ignoring the truth does not make it disappear. It just hides it. But this was only part of the problem. Things in my life were always so loud, active and noisy. I was afraid of boredom but I needed peace.

After our separation, I knew that my next steps would be difficult to adapt but necessary. Imagine spending 19 years with someone and then one day, no. I had to start a new journey in my life without including someone else all the time. Literally. He knew he could do it, but he needed a starting point. This is what I did to make the process easier.

  • Doing things alone – I started by making sure to sleep alone. Each night. He hadn’t slept or done anything alone since 1999, so this move was very important. He needed not to be accompanied by everything he did. Everything! He went out every day alone. I made sure to go to crowded places. He would just go out or eat alone. I went to the cinema and to the screenings alone. I did not go out. I sat alone in the parks. I traveled alone. Yes, even to remote places and cities. I would like to see people. I’m scared of it. I would write. I made sure no one knew where I was going. I would just go. The goal for me was to learn to enjoy my own company. I adapted pretty quickly. I don’t know why doing things is only considered an anomaly in this day and age, but I fell in love with it. I also learned that someone away from home on their own does not mean that he or she feels lonely or has no friends. It just means that they are unwilling to entertain the company or socialize at the time. This was perfectly fine for me. I felt more pushed to try new things without the added background noise. It has made me much more focused than I have ever been.
  • Clutter removed – Clean my house. I stripped the walls. I bought a new bed. I delivered a lot of old furniture and threw the rest in the trash. I pulled all but one credit card out of my wallet, called businesses, paid balances, closed accounts, and shut them down! I gave most of my clothes to my mom and sister-in-law and kept about ten outfits. I have about four pairs of shoes and maybe a pair of boots. It could be less than that. I buy according to the season and it’s never really what is in season so I don’t know. I had too many things and I’m sure I had them around me because I attached my happiness to it. Most of these elements had very little meaning. It jammed my house, left very little space, and was tired of looking at it. I even sold my car. What good did it do you? I live in the city. I take the train or carpool like Uber or Lyft wherever I go, which often isn’t many places. I have become quite minimalist. My house is large but empty now, filled with nothing but books, two capes, plants, my son’s instruments, some laptops, and food. I hate clutter and excess. Living without him has become my new normal.
  • Got rid of distractions – I stopped following each and every celebrity on social media (with the exception of the small handful I actually know) and other people with whom I don’t share any close personal connection. Then I removed all the social media apps. I don’t mind keeping up with trends or people I don’t know. Many of the people in my life were some of my biggest distractions. There is such a thing as meeting too many people. It is not because they are bad people, but because the friendships were based on superficial ideals and did not get me anywhere. Unless there was something to go out and gossip about and take some selfies with drinks, we barely had two words to say to each other. These relationships became stocks that had to be sold quickly because the value had fallen dramatically from the initial purchase price. They knew it. I knew it. The distance became greater and when things started to change for me, in a few months we stopped talking. It is beautiful to have friends. They can be fruitful but also exhausting. Nobody likes a loss. It is admitting that something went wrong or that you made a mistake. But cutting your losses can prevent you from taking a devastating drop that is too steep to recover later. Most of us get something wrong 3 out of 5 times a day. We still live to see another day. I still know a lot of people, but I only have a handful of real friends. Believe me, there is a difference. Alcohol was the biggest distraction for me, so I stopped drinking. I stopped suddenly. Not only did alcohol keep me drunk all the time, it also kept me fat and sick. Eat out too. I changed my relationship with food because I was consuming too much for no reason. Since then, I have lost the 70 pounds I gained plus 20 more and I have never felt better.

Simply put, getting things done just helped me better control my thoughts so that I could sort out and get rid of all distractions. The reward is having been able to reap the benefits of simplifying my lifestyle. I have gained a lot by getting rid of almost everything. It has taught me a lot about myself in recent years, like how much I loathe hoarding things and molding my happiness around objects and people. I hate doing things in excess. I realized the idea that I don’t need to be around people all the time to be happy and excited. I learned to set limits. I have learned to stop spreading myself so much and to take better care of myself. My relationship with money has even changed. Drastically. I have learned that the value is in the respect one should have for the dollar. I’ve never had respect for money before. All he knew how to do was spend it. I realized everything that I had ever wanted and needed that I had had all the time and everything else was a matter of social currency rather than a happy life.

We live in an age where social status is the new currency. This is why we take photos of everything we do and cheat our lifestyle on social media in a “get like me” way. Social media and today’s culture have where our pedigree and class are now strictly based on social engagement and how much we receive rather than how much we give of ourselves. It has always been that way to some extent, but never of this magnitude. Now an environment has been created in which we feel the perceived need to realize our ambitions in a publicly documented format to keep pace with our peers and it has become a trap to suck souls. Many of us have a mortal fear of living unfiltered lifestyles because it goes against social norms and is seen as a risk.

But it is not who we really are or what we really want. Believe me, if everyone was as good and happy as they photograph themselves, the world would not be in such chaos. We go out of our way to hurt each other often and are always seemingly stuck in a perpetual cycle of constant confusion. That is why depression is increasing and more people are dying younger. You don’t realize these things as they happen because we are socially conditioned to keep up appearances. We have come to staple our personalities around the idea that nothing we have or do is worth anything unless approved by others. It’s a shame that every decision we make has to do with making sure someone knows or sees it, in some way. From sunrise to sunset. Every day. All the time.

I’m the happiest I’ve been since I stopped bothering with all that crap. Anyway, it didn’t do anything for me. It added nothing to my life. Literally nothing. I once avoided boredom and quiet rooms as if they were infectious diseases. Now, I can’t get enough of either one. I got divorced from the return in exchange for staying home, eating sour kids snacks, playing interactive games, cooking, and reading with my son. Turns out I have a lot more fun! My sleeping habits are better. My attitude improved a lot. I am much more focused. My hair started to grow back, my skin is radiant, my house is quiet, and my heart is full.

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Specializing at an early age will stunt your growth, not enhance it

According to USA Hockey, colleges and universities across the country are recruiting talented and skilled ice hockey players even before they start high school. Verbal compromises are being made between prospects and perennial powerhouses like the University of Wisconsin. Talented players who don’t want to take the college route are opting for the top youth system in Canada and then turning pro at the age of 18 or 19. There are a growing number of very young players in the National Hockey League, with a handful of them becoming captain of their professional squads as Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby. The emergence of young athletes taking on key roles in the elite circles of Division 1 and professional sports makes younger players seem like specialization is the way to go. Ice hockey is not the only sport that identifies talents at unusually young ages. Top soccer colleges are finding players just starting high school. A lot can be said about an athlete’s physical and mental development in high school and college. Schools like Yale University will not consider a young recruit for their college sports because they realize how much a 14-18 year old can change mentally. Academic integrity is as important to them as athletic performance. Therefore, making a guarantee four years in advance does not appeal to them. They want to see where that candidate will be in the future before making commitments. What happened to waiting and buying the best? We don’t elect presidents 4 years before they are sworn in, why should we choose which jersey an athlete will wear before we get there? If you keep the competition to play close to the actual time they will, the path to getting there will be more about process and development.

Ten years ago, it was thought that athletes needed more time to develop and gain competitive advantage. In ice hockey, graduate programs (PG years) in high schools and youth teams were common staples to attract the attention of competitive college hockey programs. It was thought that to gain an advantage, it took time to develop physically and mentally, as well as to gain the experience of playing with other like-minded athletes. When you knew you had a long road ahead of you to reach college and career ranks, specializing in your sport at age 12 wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Parents, coaches and experts worried that applying too much pressure at a young age to perform and excel could cause players to burn out prematurely.

Performance development coaches like myself believe that while players should focus primarily on two sports, their programs should incorporate the skills and abilities necessary to perform well in 10 other sports or activities. Even if you don’t play baseball, ice hockey players have the ability to go to a batting cage and hit a high percentage of pitches. Hockey players who can play baseball well will have better reaction times on the ice and will be better able to react to pucks in flight from a high shot or when fielding a bad pass. Similarly, playing soccer is great for the development of a budding ice hockey player because many highly skilled players are very good at carrying and handling the puck with their feet. Whether your main sport is baseball or ice hockey, you can learn a lot by playing other sports such as tennis, soccer, football, etc.

The spectrum is wide with respect to what parents think their children should do. Some want their children to be like Sidney Crosby and will force them to specialize at age 8 and others want their children to just have fun and do whatever they want for as long as they want. Both approaches are bad. Specializing or being distant is bad. The key is to keep intensity, focus, stimulation, and vigor high with expectation and pressure low. Young athletes must be taught discipline, passion, love of training and sport, and heart. The road to interuniversity and professional sport is long. The people who make it and stay there are the ones who love the unglamorous looks, the long road trips, the sweat, the low pay (the pay for most professional athletes is not like ARod), the relentless schedule, and the inherent uncertainty that it entails. It comes from a profession that is so fluid, where one day the best team wants you and the day the other team that will look at you is the farm club with the worst team.

Success comes from love for what you do, whatever it is. The day it becomes work is the day you know it might be time to consider a new path. Athletes who play for glory will be prepared for a rude awakening. The athletes who can weather adversity and overcome it through hard work and concentration are the ones you know really love what they do. The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team’s turnaround shows outstanding determination, will, and passion to improve and surpass themselves. They didn’t care about playing as well as timeless powerful teams like the Boston Red Sox. They played the game the way they knew best and defined their run to the World Series in their own way and on their terms. The way they went from the worst team in major professional baseball to runner-up in the World Series is an example of how individual athletes must approach their development. You cannot go out and be alone to win. Unfortunately, raw desire is not enough to get there. You must be willing and able to do hard work that is not appreciated or valued. By doing so, you put yourself in a better position to start doing it right.

As a sports development coach, I am useless to the person who just wants to play in a recreational league and get the fanfare when he scores. When someone is ready to work hard, put in long hours, and sweat, I am the perfect person for them. I will help you get where you want. What I do has no glamor, more than the satisfaction in myself, knowing that I had a role in helping an athlete demonstrate his capabilities to an audience. I do what I do because I have a love and passion for sports.

The key to professional happiness is to specialize in a commitment to hard work. Anything else you do to get ahead will come later. Don’t worry about the nods you’re getting at 14 for college sports. Keep your head down and focus on getting better. A lot can happen in high school. If you keep your options open at 14, you’ll have more to turn to when you’re 18.

If you specialize in soccer at age 14 and it doesn’t work for you, you won’t have anything else to turn to. If you play multiple sports and perform well in a couple of them, if one doesn’t lead to a salary or fame, maybe the other will. The more options you have, the less pressure you will feel to excel in one, which will make it more enjoyable. Nobody wants to think that everything depends on how you do in one thing.

Keep your options open and have fun, but remember that you won’t get better without trying too hard. So decide what your priorities are, and then move on from there. If you don’t want to break a sweat or do the things necessary to improve your game, don’t expect to play to the next level. There is nothing wrong with playing pickup games. You have to be honest with yourself about your skill level and desire to put in the time to do it. Sidney Crosby, Eli Manning, Tom, Brady, Michael Jordan, and other teammates didn’t get where they did simply because of life. They evaluated their abilities and accordingly decided where they wanted to go. Once they did that, they worked tirelessly to make sure they got there. That due diligence is why everyone stood out in the professional arena.

The key to take away from this article is that you need more determination than skill. Most importantly, you need more love than determination. Therefore, you need more love than skill. If you don’t enjoy what you do, it won’t matter how much skill you have because you don’t want to keep doing it. Being focused is different from specializing. Play a lot of sports. Get active in many different things. Do it because you love it. You can decide later which one will allow you to do it in college or professionally. You will benefit more from playing other sports and training for those sports than you will spend all that time training for just one sport. My program is so effective because despite his focus, I expose him to movements and exercises common to other activities, making him a more well-rounded and balanced athlete.

Stay tuned for more articles from DSWAthletes, owned and managed by Derrick Wong. We write about everything related to sports. We want to help you get where you want to go and enjoy both the process and the result. We will help you stay focused and in good shape.

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The symbol of San Francisco – The Golden Gate Bridge

New York has the Empire State Building and Washington DC has the Washington and Lincoln memorials. Almost every major American city can boast of at least one great architectural masterpiece. In San Francisco, that emblem is the Golden Gate Bridge, recognized as one of the most elegant steel spans in the world. A tourist’s visit to the San Francisco Bay Area is not complete without a panoramic view of this beautiful structure. This is not an engineering feat; instead, it is a work of art.

To truly appreciate the Golden Gate Bridge, you must first have a solid understanding of the history behind it. Conceived in the boom years of the 1920s, but built during the depths of the Great Depression, the Bridge represents American perseverance and determination. The large project was completed in 1937, and the Golden Gate Bridge remained the longest steel suspension bridge in the world until 1964, when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting the Staten Island and Brooklyn boroughs of New City was completed. York.

The Golden Gate Bridge receives high praise for its aesthetics. The American Society of Civil Engineers declared it one of the modern wonders of the world. According to Frommer’s Travel Guides, it is “possibly the most beautiful bridge, certainly the most photographed in the world.”

Although the bridge can be seen from points throughout San Francisco, the best views are obtained from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Surrounding the San Francisco Bay, the GGNRA is one of the most visited units in the National Park System. More than 13 million people flock to this area each year to see the great red bridge, among other activities.

The park is deceptively large in that it is not a contiguous area of ​​land, but rather a collection of parks stretching from northern San Mateo County to southern Marin County. It runs along 59 miles of coastline. However, the GGNRA should not be confused with Golden Gate Park, which is administered by the city of San Francisco as a separate entity.

There is no shortage of things to do in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. On a hot summer day, it is not unusual to see people biking, rollerblading, and jogging on some of the myriad well-maintained trails. Also, photography is just one art form used to capture the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Other artists use paints, pencils, and sculpting clay to interpret the stretch.

A trip to the GGNRA is not complete without a visit to its most infamous attraction. Alcatraz Island has been the star of countless movies. Although it has not housed prisoners since 1963, it has reopened as a museum. It’s positively unsettling to walk the corridors of this creepy structure, which was once the home of Al Capone and “Birdman from Alcatraz” Robert Stroud.

Spend a day or two exploring the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; you will surely appreciate the Bridge, along with all that GGNRA has to offer.

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Funeral disc for sale – who will buy it?

I know everything about this post is weird. Sure, we don’t expect to see anyone advertising funeral CDs for sale. I am not talking about selling to immediate family or some of the extended family members. I mean selling to the Public, to people the deceased never knew. I don’t mean a small crowd of fans. I write about a multitude of people well distributed throughout the world, among the deceased’s critics, his enemies and of course, his friends.

Having attended quite a few services held in honor of the deceased, I have observed certain trends manifesting themselves in this part of the world: First, there is the spending of heavy, wasteful, generous, and mostly extravagant money that was often not available to the deceased when he was alive. In Nigeria, to be precise, we quantify the value of the deceased by how much we can spend on their funerals and therefore waste money on everything from caskets to food. Some children of deceased people take out loans to perform funeral ceremonies! Many spend more than they earn in years! The second observation is the hypocritical “respect” accorded to the dead. People say nice things about them and pretend to be good people even when those people were social evildoers.

But guess that? This post is a call to YOU ​​to think about your funeral. I am not praying that it will arrive soon. However, I must remind you that it will surely come one day, any day. I write because whatever people decide to say about you, it won’t change who you really were. And history has a way of remembering things. History remembers Hitler. I definitely remember Lamidi Adedibu, the Basorun Gaa of Ibadan Land. I also remember the late General Sani Abacha and no amount of post hummus awards given to him will change my image of him.

I know I have delivered the conclusion before the story. The inspiration for this post is actually the memorial service held in honor of Michael Jackson. I was surprised to hear that a dead man was receiving the kind of care he had received that day. Watching it live had an estimated population of between six hundred million and one billion people! That’s like saying that one in ten people in the world quit their job to witness a service honoring a dead man! Thousands of responsible people fought for passes to be inside the Stapples Center. Others stayed in churches and public places to view the projected images. Other than Nelson Mandela, I don’t know of any other living person who can attract that kind of attention in death.

And that’s not counting the number of memorial service CDs that have been sold. I’m sure the number runs into the millions. In Nigeria alone, I know that the DVD show has been pirated by about 3 different computers. Know what that says about sales. For most of the people I know who own the DVD (including me), it is something you watch almost every day. Wait a minute. Am I confessing that I watch a memorial service regularly? It is very simple. Besides the musical value of that show, there is something else …

It is the story of a man of influence, a person who has touched lives. A musician who has entertained himself to limits unreachable for anyone before him. It is a story of hard work, perseverance, devotion, love, respect and the utmost desire to make the world better. It is not a story of perfection, in fact it is a story tainted with terrible and almost unforgivable facts such as accusations of child abuse and change from white to black. But even those don’t eliminate the fact that Michael Jackson was a blessing to the world. From his life, I have the following points:

1. Enjoy life: Michael loved every minute of his performances. He loved to sing and dance. He spent his life doing what he loved to do. If he had been a doctor or a preacher (which are very respectable occupations), he could have been very good. But he wouldn’t have gotten as much satisfaction as he did with music. I think this is a great lesson for us in Nigeria. For many young people, JAMB or college admissions boards determine what they will become in life. Nobody takes you seriously if you want to be a musician or a tailor or a hairdresser … In my 100 days of level, I was in one of the most respectable departments of the school. The problem was that I found it extremely boring and pointless. Needless to say, I got out fast. Today I do not regret it.

2. Start early (or start now): Michael started at 5. When he starts early enough, he will have time to get to the top. If age is no longer on your side, start fast anyway. You may still have enough time to make an impact.

3. Be the best: It is great to have talent, but talent is not enough. Michael practiced for 18 hours every day! No wonder he was the best. Was he a genius? I’m not so sure. Maybe even my body, which constantly refuses to align with any rhythm, could do the moonwalk if I tried it for 18 hours every day of the year!

4. Heal the world – it’s great to make money. But whatever you do, you add more to the world than you will get out of it. In the end, it will count for more. Help the defenseless. Be of service to your community. Be nice to everyone.

5. Take good care of your family: Do you know something that really touched me about this guy? Their children. They had been kept out of the public eye because, like a wise parent, Michael didn’t want them to be exposed to the problems of being famous for something they never worked for. Obviously, he was close to them (his daughter called him the ‘best dad in the world’, and apparently he wasn’t lying). His brothers and sisters were also very close to him. Love was obvious in that family.

6. Be humble: In the words of one of the speakers, Michael was “the greatest and greatest entertainer who ever lived.” I’m pretty sure Michael never fully took it in, because if he had, he wouldn’t have had the caliber of the artists who spoke about him at his funeral. It was obvious that he hadn’t been snobbish or haughty with them, although he was better and more famous. Just that kind of attitude would bring celebrities young and old together to honor a man. No matter how cool you are, there are some things you need others to do for you. They will be willing if you are humble.

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Great gift ideas for the fantasy fanatic in your life

Almost everyone has someone in their life who is a fan of fantasy. Whether it’s Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, comics, anime, vampires, Harry Potter, World Of Warcraft, or whatever, these folks tend to be hard to buy. Here are some tips for buying the perfect gift for the fantasy fanatic in your life.


They make a great gift for fans of fantasy. If they are fans of anime, get them a limited edition animation of their favorite series. If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, there are a host of limited edition collectibles available for this series, including action figures, toys, weapons, jewelry, games, cards, replicas, art, and sculptures. Similar to the Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter fans have a host of collectibles to choose from. Regardless of what series, show, movie, or book your recipient likes, rest assured that there are plenty of options for a collectible gift that will make them smile.

Comic books

Is your husband a fan of Spiderman, Ironman, or some other comic series? Consider buying them one of the rarest or oldest issues from your favorite series. Not only will this gift make any comic book fan happy, it is a gift that will keep and increase in value over time.

Video game

Video game corridors are packed with fantasy-related titles, from the popular Final Fantasy series to the many role-playing games set in fantasy worlds. For a fan of certain video game series, there are gift options such as a 1-year World Of Warcraft gift certificate. Or maybe you have a Zelda fan in your midst? Consider buying them the special edition Nintendo DS Lite Gold, which includes the Zelda Phantom Hourglass game for DS.


If someone is a fan of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek or Harry Potter, chances are they already have the entire set of DVD movies. However, they may not have the series on Blu-ray or they may not have the latest and greatest collector’s edition of the DVD.


Dressing up as your favorite fantasy character can be fun for parties or Halloween. Few anime fans would not like to dress up as their favorite character. Do you have a thing for Inuyasha? Maybe Naruto? There are full costumes available that will make your fantasy fan very happy. eBay is a great place to look for them.

Weapons and Accessories

Sometimes it’s nice to have a cool accessory or weapon to show your love of fantasy. If your fantasy fan is a lover of samurai movies, Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood or Halo, then he might be happy to have a real katana, medieval sword, or Dragonball Z sword replica.


From statues to sculptures to artistic renderings and lithographs, artwork is available for many television series, movies, books, and games.


Maybe your fantasy fan already has the complete series of this or that, but do they have a soundtrack? Soundtracks for Japanese anime series in particular can be difficult to find, a good place to look is eBay.

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Pros and cons of toxic ignorance

In the 1980s, the Research Council of the United States found that more than 70% of chemicals widely used for commercial purposes had no evidence of minimal toxicity and there has been no significant improvement to date that puts humans in a high risk. Toxic ignorance emphasizes the lack of knowledge about the effect of pollution from toxins around us, on our systems and how this can lead to poor health in our body.

In the production of many food products, cosmetics, food packaging, and in general most commercial products, synthetic chemicals are used in large quantities and only 2% of the thousands of chemicals have been tested for its carcinogenicity. This means that we are at risk of more toxins than ever, most chemicals have not been tested in the laboratory, although there is a widespread belief that government agencies are protecting our environment and our health from the effects of the products. toxic chemicals, which is false. There is also an unfamiliarity with complex chemical mixtures because most environmental health researchers use animals in laboratory testing and are exposed to one chemical variable at a time, while humans are exposed to multiple mixtures of chemicals that they can have an additional effect on humans and that Long-term exposure to these multiple chemicals can have culminating effects. Laboratory tests that could test multiple variables would incur high costs of time and money and therefore not practical, some would take up to hundreds of years to test only a small number of chemicals. There are a few reasons why environmental health and safety research is limited and these are:

A. Research is limited to one or two variables, while multiple variables are not taken into account, which is common in humans.

B. Most research deals only with the cancer paradigm, whereas there may be other diseases caused by a combination of different chemicals.

vs. The large number of chemicals available for commercial purposes and more new chemicals are introduced each year, making it difficult to keep up with them.

There are some precautions / solutions that can be taken to limit / stop the excesses of toxins in our environment and system and some of them are:

-Simple screening tests by manufacturers, especially those chemicals that are used in large quantities and the results should be available to the public.

-Replacing certain chemicals with safer organic alternatives.

-Reduction of the number of chemical products in the market and used in the production of goods.


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What factors should be considered when choosing a new kitchen appliance?

Thinking of buying new kitchen appliances? Does it seem like a challenging task? In fact, it is a very difficult and tedious task due to the presence of a wide variety of options and varieties that are accessible in the market today. You need to make sure you select the right product and don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Follow the checklists

There are some checklists or parameters to consider when choosing kitchen appliances. If you follow the tips and factors, your shopping experience becomes easier and smoother and there is also very little chance of getting the wrong products and wasting money.

Correct appliance size is essential

If you want to get hold of the right kitchen appliance, you need to consider the kitchen space. This is a very essential step to consider. When you calculate the dimensions of your kitchen area, shopping for kitchen appliances becomes much easier, and you buy the right product. The market is full of kitchen equipment in varying sizes and shapes and therefore you choose efficiently.

Utility and function should be analyzed

Before choosing any equipment for your kitchen and making the payment, it is essential to know the utilities and functions of the product you buy. There are various types of kitchen appliances available in the market and there are varying utilities for each item. Don’t get a discount rate gadget without any features at all. When there is adequate functionality, time is saved.

Fulfillment of the interior and decoration of the kitchen.

If you have plans to buy new kitchen appliances, you need to make sure that the products comply with the kitchen design theme. In addition to the correct operation of the equipment, you need to make sure that there is a visual improvement with the addition of household appliances in your kitchen area. Color matching is a vital step to consider, as the correct color can enhance the entire beautification and increase aesthetic appeal.

Check with the warranty and after-sales services.

Before buying any kitchen equipment, you should check if there is a proper warranty. After-sales services are also another parameter that cannot be neglected. These are the two things that buyers often don’t care about. After-sales service should be carefully and thoroughly evaluated before finalizing any items.

Money is a vital aspect

Last but the most important aspect to consider is your budget. You need to make sure that you buy the kitchen appliances that are within your budget. Depending on the requirements, features, brands, and style, you get extensive options. Therefore, choose your products efficiently taking into account the budget and adding value to the kitchen.

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How to choose the best used car dealer

1. Quality Assurance – Used car dealerships must have authorized personnel to perform vehicle inspections. Some areas where quality units are sought are exterior vehicle inspection, interior cleaning, mechanical inspection and grading, actual car condition photography for internet posting, dealer quality seal, and surveyor’s report. That’s right; If the car came from Japan, always look for the surveyor’s report signed by licensed Japanese engineers.

2. Dealer Warranty – Used car dealers must ensure that the vehicles described on their website are as accurate as possible on an on-site inspection. The importer has 14 days from the date the vehicle arrives at the destination port to notify the dealer of any defect or failure that it believes is claimable. The number of days varies by dealer.

3. Your dealer must provide an odometer certification.

An odometer (often colloquially known as mileage) is a device used to indicate the distance traveled by a car or other vehicle. It can be electronic or mechanical. At IBCJapan, they provide you additional protection against odometer fraud through odometer inspections, a quality control service that is standard on all of our units at no additional cost to you.

Odometer Inspection Services, a Japan-based company that has been conducting independent odometer inspections since 2004, performs verification and certification on every vehicle. IBCJapan’s inspection service includes the following: odometer reading inspection, total invasion of the instrument panel, verification of ownership and certification. That’s right. If the car came from Japan, always look for the OIS signed odometer certification. You can verify it with the site.

4. Pre-Order Your Preferred Cars – If you are looking for a car or any car of a particular make, model, year, and other specs, at a preferred price, but couldn’t find one at the current online auction and at the nearest car. dealer in your area, then the dealer can provide it to you. Used car dealers around the world are advantageous with this because they have a network of car dealerships especially in the following countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and New Zealand. With the pre-order feature, you can now submit details of the vehicles that interest you. They will search for the vehicle and notify you immediately via email as soon as they can find one that matches your preferences. No fees, no obligation, and no hassle.

5. Stolen Vehicle Verification – Yes, your used car dealer must provide you with a Stolen Vehicle Verification Certificate. A dealer must have a complete ownership history of all vehicles. They must guarantee customers all rights and remedies provided by Japanese law if problems arise. This may include legal and / or financial assistance, purchase price reimbursement, or replacement costs as the situation requires.

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10 tips to optimize on-page SEO

These are our top 10 tips for optimizing on-page SEO on your website

1. Create high-quality content

The important thing to optimize and improve SEO on the blog page is to produce the best possible content. Quality content that interests your audience. Content that solves your audience’s persistent problems while delivering what they’re looking for.

2. Optimize titles

Your headline may be the first thing your readers see, so you need to seduce them. It is also the section that Google first considers to rank a typical page. To improve on-page SEO on your website, you need creative but optimized headlines and the main keyword should come up in the headlines.

Use the 70 characters that Google displays in search results and use the main keyword. The higher at the beginning of the title, the higher.

3. Optimize URLs

Although some CMS like WordPress or Blogger create URLS automatically, if you want to improve the SEO found on the website page, always customize them. Your blog post URL should be short but content-rich and relevant. Eliminate empty spaces by using hyphens between words.

4. Create internal links

Whenever you write an article that is new to the blog, create links in the content that result in other articles on your blog as long as they are actually related, it goes without saying. Why?

1. It gives Google ways to navigate your website and can rank you better because links help transfer authority from one page to another and reinforce thematic relevance.

2. Provide your readers with valuable information as you enrich your content with other useful information. Take a look at point 6 and you will see what we are talking about.

5. Connect to external pages

Linking external websites offers great value to your visitor as it gives them more information about what you are talking about, of course you really need to link to pages related to your content within the anchor text.

6. Optimize your images

Optimize the weight and size of the images before uploading them to the article.

Add the “alt” tag to any or all images, using the main keyword.

Fill in the “Title” tag descriptively and using the main keyword.

Add a description to the image.

Use an image compression plugin like Smushit for WordPress.

7. Post regularly

Google likes websites that update frequently. So create an editorial calendar and follow it. You don’t have to post every day, but do it more than once a month. And stay regular. On the same day and at the same time if you decide to post once a week, always do it. Your readers will appreciate it.

8. Optimize content

The body of this article is where you need to work the hardest, as it is exactly what your visitors will read. We have said it before but we repeat: the content is offering great value to your audience and achieves great quality. Focus on solving problems for readers and give them what they are looking for.

That being said, to boost SEO on your website’s page, your main keyword needs to be in your body, but you can also find variant words associated with the keyword that are other related keywords and synonyms. Why?

Because Google doesn’t rank a page using just a single keyword, it looks at most of the content (on-page SEO) and external factors (off-page SEO) to see if the content is applicable.

9. Optimize meta descriptions

The meta description of the page or blog is exactly what appears when you look at the search engine results below the title and URL.

In addition to being one of the factors that Google uses to rank a website, it is one of the best methods to invite visitors to click on your own article and not another.

The meta description should be seductive and suggestive for a person to click on your post.

10. Optimize loading speed

Another factor that is important to improve on-page SEO on a website is load time. The smaller it is, the better, because Google likes pages that load fast. You’ll want to make sure it stays under 0.5 seconds. The person who clicked on your link might get bored and click the back button too, if it takes too long to load. You can check your page speed using the page speed information tool.

Do you think there are other approaches to improve SEO on your blog page? Is it possible to tell us your secrets? Leave a comment below and take a look at everything you do to optimize your site.

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