Thank You Letter – A thank you letter to Julius Caesar

Many great leaders have graced and conquered the world with their courage and power. However, I would like, in this letter, to highlight a man whom I truly admire and who has earned the reverence of many others, both in life and in death. This is a letter of thanks to the Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar.

Dear Julius Caesar,

You are undoubtedly one of the most famous leaders in all of history. The fact that he played such a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire speaks volumes about how effective his leadership over Rome was during those days. Even today, the idea that the rulers of other countries still carry the title “Caesar” shows how his reputation and his name have commanded an unprecedented amount of respect.

The fact that to this day so many people around the world admire his ideals and reforms is what I admire the most. I believe that a person can only be truly remarkable, a truly effective leader, only if that individual is held in high esteem, respected, and followed by many. That is the definition of an effective leader, something you certainly were. With this in mind, you have been a great source of inspiration to me. I may never have had political aspirations like you, but in many other situations that required me to step up and take initiative, I learned from you. Therefore, this thank you letter is for you.

I remember that even Shakespeare referred to you as “the greatest man in all this world” and I cannot help but agree with this sentiment of his. Some criticize his choice to create a dictatorship, yet the successes his nation achieved under his leadership are undeniable. Also, I think his approach to life, in which he was moderate in all things, complete, balanced and self-controlled, are traits that are admirable and should be emulated.

And let me add that the Latin language has always fascinated me. I believe it was integral in the development and evolution of English and proof of this is seen in the many terms and phrases in the English language that have their origins in Latin. Actually, this is something I’ve felt strongly enough about to write an article about. And as for you, what impresses me even more is that in your time you were in the front row of most of the speakers. Certainly an inspiring feat for you to have done it in such captivating language!

I hope this thank you letter conveys my gratitude enough, Cesar, for all of this.

To be honest,

raffy chan

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